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Clubhouse App Trending Down

The Clubhouse app was all the rage.

It's still getting buzz.

But I don't think it'll last. Even after it's no longer invite-only. 

It's already on the decline. 

And I predict Clubhouse will be just another social platform. And not a wildly popular one.

Maybe I'll be wrong. I don't think so.

What makes me proud is how the majority of our tribe has responded to the "mega Clubhouse opportunity" -- with restrained focus remaining on the core drivers of their business.

That's the sign of a savvy, seasoned entrepreneur... never losing sight of what moves the needle most.

Meanwhile, the average online entrepreneur, not in our tribe, is on the constant hunt fo the next greatest thing. The next secret mega-technique. 

If they only knew... it ain't out there. Doesn't exist. Like Bigfoot. 

Thankfully... we know. 

While the average are out there playing with the new kid on the block, the entrepreneurs in our tribe focused on engineering solid marketing messages, solid offers, with a solid handle on media buying, are the ones continuing to crush it. 

And will continue to crush it.

Why? Cause they know their needle movers. They drive their needle movers. And they stay focused on their needle movers. 

So, when I'm asked, "Todd, why do your students and clients tend to do so much better than the average?"... my answer is always the same:

"Cause they don't get caught-up in the shiny objects. They're strategic entrepreneurs. They understand how the game is played and how the game is won. And it's with focus. Focus on the core."

Oh, and one more thing...

Even if I end up being wrong about Clubhouse... and it turns out to remain popular... that still doesn't mean you should be using it. 

Cause what the entrepreneurs in our tribe also understand is: just cause something works... and is being used by others... doesn't mean you should be using it as well. 

Think about it. 

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...


  • Stop Keeping Score: She who dies with the most checked boxes wins, right? Wrong.

    How do you quantify success?

    More specifically, how do you keep score in life?

    This article doesn't answer the question; instead, it flips the question on its head. 

    Rather than give you direction for what you should have on your "life scorecard", it hands you three questions which "can deliver more authentic well-being".

    The premise: It takes something more than items checked off a bucket list to experience true happiness.

    These questions will help you understand what that something more is... for you. 

  • How to Be Productive, Feel Less Overwhelmed, and Get Things Done

    A nice overview and breakdown of this gentleman's productivity system.

    While I don't agree with everything shared, there are definitely lots of actionable strategies you can snag.

    I especially like the section Part II: What to do when you can't stop procrastinating.

  • VIDEO: What I learned from my husband's suicide

    I've battled with depression. It's a fight unlike anything else I can describe.
    I'd take physical pain over it any day.

    I've also experienced the crushing impact of losing someone to suicide. It changed me forever, to say the least.

    So this lady's experience is extremely near and dear to me.

    More people need to hear this message. And fully grasp it.

    More people need to understand what depression really is. And how it manifests itself in the people we care deeply about and love.

    And more people need to know... there's no shame in admitting you're struggling with mental illness.

    If you are, reach out to someone. Ask for help. Tell them you're hurting.

    That's not weak.

    That's strength. And don't let anybody convince you otherwise.

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Your World-Class Assistant Book by Michael Hyatt

Most entrepreneurs don't realize how valuable it can be having an Executive Assistant. That is... a good one. 

When the right person is hired and the relationship is structured properly, having an Executive Assistant can be life and business altering. Seriously. 

I believe most entrepreneurs overlook this... or shrug it off... because they're not thinking correctly about the role of an Executive Assistant.

Your World-Class Assistant gives a fantastic overview of the value, role, and attributes of a superb Executive Assistant, and the process of hiring, on-boarding, and communicating with one. 

It's a short book. You can read it one sitting. 

And if you don't currently have an Executive Assistant, I encourage you to find out what you're missing-out on. 


Todd Brown Marketing Training Example February 9

This week on our internal Team Marketing Training...

I walked the team through the use of Dimensionalized Benefits

This is a critical topic when it comes to improving your sales conversion rate. And a topic I feel most entrepreneurs... and even seasoned marketers... don't grasp.

The idea is simple:

Good marketing is filled with benefit claims.

But good marketing doesn't just make claims; it makes an impression. An emotional impression... an emotional impact, to be more specific.

To do that, benefits need to be dimensionalized. They need to be presented in a way where the prospect can picture them in their mind's eye.

You do this by showing your prospect what the benefits will look like in their life... in a real scenario... with specifics and concrete language... in a way which is measurable for them. 

In other words... you give your benefits sensory detail.  It's the sensory details which add the dimension. And the dimension which allows your prospects to imagine the experience of the benefits in their mind. 

And when prospects can picture the Dimensionalized Benefits in their mind, they tend to experience a greater and deeper emotional response

And you already know... it's that greater and deeper emotional response which drives greater conversions. 


  • The role of our copy is to paint pictures in the prospect's mind. The picture we paint is what drive’s our prospect's emotions. The more vivid the picture, the deeper the emotional response.

  • We want to turn vague, general benefit claims into detailed, specific, and concrete benefits. We want to show benefits of an actual, measurable change the prospect can expect to experience. Not puffery, but a legit example of the benefit in their life.

  • We want to avoid "Bald Stories" -- stories which lack the detail and nuance to be imagined in our prospect's mind. The details are what bring the story to life. 

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This question was posted inside the MFA Nation Facebook Group...

Marketing Question for Todd Brown - February 9 2021

Below is my response:

There are lots of strategies you can use. 

My favorite: the T.R.E.A.T. Sequence

It's a unique post-purchase follow-up sequence I teach. (You can grab it as a free bonus here.)

T.R.E.A.T. is an acronym which stands for:

Testimonial Generation
Refund Reduction
Exceed Expectations
Adds a Cool Buying Experience
Tell-A-Friend Stimulation

It's called the T.R.E.A.T. Sequence because it takes care of all of those within one sequence. 

In a nutshell, here's how the testimonial part works:

You follow-up with new buyers letting them know you have some unadvertised bonuses coming their way. 

These need to be solid bonuses. Like, good stuff.

You deliver one every ten days or so. 

For the third bonus, you send buyers an email letting them know you'd love for them to fill-out a little five-question survey before grabbing the bonus. 

The survey is filled with presuppositional questions which elicit answers that can be used as a testimonial. (*You need a blurb at the bottom of the survey letting folks know you reserve the right to use their answers in your marketing.)

You'd use presuppositional questions like:

  • How has your life improved since purchasing XYZ product?
  • What are the top three benefits you've experienced with XYZ product?
  • What problems or issues are you no longer having thanks to XYZ product?
  • What's your favorite aspect of XYZ product?
  • What would you tell someone else thinking of investing in XYZ product?

*Notice in each of those questions we're presupposing they've experienced benefits from the product. This is a nuance but essential. 

Once the survey is filled-out, you send buyers to their third unadvertised bonus.

Then you can review the survey submissions. And the good ones you can get on the phone or Zoom for a more in-depth case study.

There's more to the T.R.E.A.T. Sequence, more it does.

But that's gist of how it works. 

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Go here and join us inside the MFA Nation Group (it's FREE!). 

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"What Are You So Afraid Of?"

Afraid of finishing your marketing campaign and it bombing?

Afraid of putting something out on the web and it making you look bad?

Afraid of people posting mean comments... or saying negative things about your marketing message?

Afraid of making a fool of yourself... or something like that?

If you're dealing with any of those fears, this video is for you.

Watch the video and let me share some real, raw, and honest advice for ya. Please.


Todd Brown handing out food

Once a month Kellie, I, and the girls volunteer our time.

We do it as part of Fourth Saturday Serve at Christ Fellowship Church. 

This day was food distribution. 

Folks in need of some extra help, lined-up in their cars. One by one we loaded their trunks with a box different foods.

This, sadly, continued for hours. Usually does. 

This month we'll be working with local farmers. We'll be gleaning -- picking unharvested fruits and vegetables which would otherwise be left behind. 

The fruits and veggies will then go to local food banks to be distributed to folks in need. 

Volunteering can be enriching. It feels good. Especially, for me, doing it with my wife and daughters. 

If you've never volunteered your time, you should make it a point. You don't know the feeling you're missing-out on by helping others in this kind of setting. 


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