Todd Brown's Marketer's Mind Memo
Marketer’s Mind Memo – Issue #32

I can drive whatever car I want...

But I choose to drive a basic pick-up truck. A blacked-out Dodge Ram.

I've never been one for the fancy cars. Not my thing. 

I did once win a little BMW from Russell Brunson for helping him get the word out about his first book. Enjoyed the car for a little while. Then got rid of it.

I've never understood the infatuation some guys have with expensive cars. 

But... hey... to each his own.  No judgment here. 

I do have a thing for luxury timepieces though. But that's a conversation for a different day.

Both cars and watches beautifully demonstrate how emotions drive our buying behavior. 

If humans bought things based primarily on logic we'd all be driving around in a Honda Accord wearing a Timex.

The reason that's not the case is because people buy out of emotion and for emotion.

Only after we've decided we want something emotionally do we attempt to justify the purchase decision with logic. 

Fact is: The head justifies what the heart wants. 

Which is why... the most effective marketing campaigns strive to compel the heart first (with emotion), then convince the head (with logic). 

Not enough entrepreneurs, marketers, sales people get this. 

Even the ones who focus on benefits tend to focus almost exclusively on the functional benefits, the high-level benefits. 

🧠 "You'll lose weight"

🧠 "You'll drop inches"

🧠 "You'll have more energy"

🧠 "You'll be healthier"

While these are certainly better than focusing on product features, none of these functional benefits touch-on or prod the deeper emotional reasons why a prospect would care... or buy. 

It's the emotional benefits that move people.

Because it's the emotions they're really buying -- the emotions they'll feel from the functional benefits.

❤️ "You'll feel more attractive"

❤️ "You'll feel sexier and more confident"

❤️ "You'll feel young again"

❤️ "You'll feel proud that you're taking care of yourself"

Good marketing elicits these emotions early. And good marketing continues to prod these emotions all the way through the offer. 

Look: I may have chosen to drive a pick-up truck and not an Aston Martin or Bugatti. But there's a reason I didn't choose to drive a Hyundai or Kia.

And I'd be lying if I said that reason was logical. 

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...


Todd Brown E5 Method


Profit Works Book

I'm a big believer in incentivized compensation.

I love giving folks on our team the opportunity to earn more as they achieve more. 

Providing team members with the opportunity to increase their income if they exceed targets and goals can be a powerful motivator.  

It can also be an exciting way to drive productivity and financial results. 

Profit Works gives a nice overview of various incentivized compensation plans, including design options, payout options and even common mistakes to avoid.

Easy read too.

If you have a team... or plan on building a team... grab a copy.   


Todd Brown Marketing Team Call 3221

This week on our internal Team Marketing Training...

We had a deep and intense discussion about the two most impactful ways of improving any offer. 

In most competitive and saturated markets, the quality of offers from direct response advertisers is continually improving. Offers are getting better and better. 

It was only a couple years ago that a book sold with a free-plus-shipping offer was considered "irresistible".

Not anymore. 

Today, it's not uncommon to see full-blown video training courses with bonuses and toolkits being offered for a few bucks. Many even as a try-before-you-buy.

This means... it's more essential than ever you engineer legit S.I.N. Offers.

Remember, the offer can make or break your marketing campaign. 

But here's the rub...

The default for most entrepreneurs and marketers, when trying to improve an offer, is to add more stuff, more deliverables, more bonuses. 

Their main way of trying to make an offer more attractive is to include more.

Yet, while adding valuable items to the offer can improve its attractiveness, it doesn't have the same impact as does manipulating terms and risk-reversal. 

Those two are the most powerful levers you have when looking to improve any offer.  (←READ THAT SENTENCE AGAIN!)

Those are what we focused the majority of this week's training discussing -- how to best manipulate terms and risk-reversal to present a truly irresistible offer today.


  • Our aim, when engineering our offers, is to present something which the prospect sees as a no-brainer... which makes them think, "Why wouldn't I do this? There's only upside potential for me here."

  • We can change the payment terms, without changing the price, to lower the barrier of entry for prospects... and make it as easy as possible for them to say yes.

  • Done correctly, a Conditional Guarantee presented with a traditional Unconditional Guarantee, can boost conversion rate significantly. Because of how it allows us to put more of a focus on the performance or result guaranteed. Not too mention, it also helps drive buyers to consume more of the product, experiencing greater results. 

You Missed The Full Internal Team Marketing Training. But, You Don't Have To Miss-Out Anymore...

👍🏽 Get the full unedited recordings of Todd's Marketing Team Trainings every week. See and hear everything Todd shares every week -- every conversion tactic, copy hack, AOV booster, hook method, and more! 


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Below is my response, and one from MFA Nation Member, Ben Valen:

MFA Nation Facebook Group Comments

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Todd Brown's E5 Method Banner


Reclipped App

Reclipped is an interesting tool...

But, in all honesty, I'm not sure yet how... or if... I'll be using it.

In a nutshell, Reclipped allows you to take notes, highlight, and annotate videos. 

If it was a standalone app I wouldn't use it. I like to keep my notes, ideas, and thoughts in one place. For me, that place is Roam Research.

But, with Reclipped you can export your video notes and annotations... and import them into other apps. 

So, I'll be testing it out over the coming weeks as part of my workflow.

Will keep you posted.


Pic of Todd Brown Volunteering

Kellie, my wife, snapped this pic last weekend during our family "fourth Saturday serve".

Along with a couple dozen volunteers, we spent the morning gleaning the leftover tomatoes from a local farm. 

It's was a gorgeous day in South Florida. So it was fun. And productive. 

I believe, in total, we filled about 250 boxes of tomatoes.

We stacked them on pallets, then loaded them into a semi-tractor trailer truck.

The driver hauled them off to a food pantry where they'll be distributed to local folks in need.

All in all... a good day... doing a little bit of good. 😌


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