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Mr. G's Hibachi Truck

Kimura Japanese Steak House in Boynton Beach, Florida...

That's where, five days a week, you'd find Mr. G putting on a show as a Hibachi chef. 

He had a whole shtick too. Irreverent humor, loud and wild, over-the-top personality, that sort of thing. 

And patrons loved him. My family included.

People actually talked about him online. Facebook. Instagram. Often leaving rave reviews and commenting how they go to Kimura just for Mr. G.

Then COVID hit.

And, of course, Kimura was forced to close down for a stretch. And, like most restaurants, they had to lay-off their staff. Mr. G included. 

But, being the consummate mover and shaker he is, he pivoted.

Mr. G started offering home-cooked Hibachi via delivery. Getting the word out with nothing but organic posts on Facebook to his fans.

And, once again, people loved it. 

His home-delivered Hibachi got so popular, he then decided to set-up his own Hibachi food truck, website, and Facebook Page

Now, every weekend you'll find Mr. G and his truck in a different residential community. Usually, with a small team and a steady line of people ordering and picking-up food.

It's so cool to see.

Mr. G took a bad situation... and turned it into something which will likely forever change the course of his life. 

What likely seemed like a crushing blow (losing his job), became the genesis of a business which now allows Mr. G to set his own course and control his own destiny. 

And seeing what he's already accomplished, I wouldn't be surprised if next year at this time there are several Mr. G Hibachi trucks out there... maybe even some sort of franchise opportunity. 

Who knows... sky's the limit now for Mr. G. 

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...

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  • Amazon tests letting sellers email customers directly about new products and sales

    This is monster news for folks selling on Amazon. Probably, the single biggest marketing "feature" sellers have wanted.

    Well, it's on the way -- the ability to email your Amazon buyers.

  • The Three Types of Burnout

    Heading-off burnout is critical for you as an entrepreneur.  And, while we all experience it at some point and on some level, there are smart and healthy ways to overcome it.

    It begins by understanding your "burnout profile", and understanding the smart coping methods. 

  • What I learned from taking Fridays off

    Ever consider taking an extra day off every week?  Think there's no way you can pull it off?

    Well, as an entrepreneur, you absolutely can. Here's how Dorie Clark did it, and the four lessons she learned making it a reality. 

Todd Brown E5 Method


Robert Collier Letter Book

This book earned Robert Collier the recognition of being considered...

"One of the great marketing minds in history."

I first read The Robert Collier Letter Book almost two decades ago.  It was one of the first I read on the topic of direct response marketing.

And to this day, The Robert Collier Letter Book remains one of the most insightful books ever published on writing effective sales letters. 

In fact, most of the legendary copywriters throughout history; including the late, great Gary Halbert, have referenced or recommended The Robert Collier Letter Book. 

Without question, it belongs in the library of every serious student of direct response marketing. 

Todd Brown Copywriting Workshop Banner 2


Todd Brown Marketing Meeting 42721

This week on our internal Team Marketing Training...

We spent almost 40-minutes covering all of the different ways to optimize a variety of marketing pages and funnel steps.

Let me share a few of the tactics we covered for a video sales letter (VSL) page:

VSL Page Optimization Opportunities:

  • Ticker teaser content across bottom
  • Bullet teasers under video
  • Length of VSL displayed
  • Optimized thumbnail
    • Muted video portion, when play is pushed the video restarts
  • Captions
  • Exit pop for text version
  • "Turn on sound" notification
  • Sizing based on device (mobile vs. desktop)
  • Remarketing (based on consumption)

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A question posted inside the E5 Nation Facebook Group...

Marketing Question For Todd Brown 42821

Below is my response:

I don't recommend you look for "cheap traffic". 

Cheap traffic is usually cheap for a reason.

What you really want is valuable traffic -- traffic which converts into sales at a value equal to or greater than it's cost.  

What you're looking for is a good deal -- traffic which costs you less than it's worth to you. 

You shouldn't be merely looking for "cheap traffic".

The word "cheap" is all relative.

Cheap compared to what?

If you pay .50 cents per visitor is that cheap?

It depends. Maybe; maybe not.  

If each visitor is worth $1, sure... .50 cents per click is "cheap". 

But, if each visitor is worth only .10 cents, .50 cents per click is expensive. 

Again, it's not about "cheap traffic", it's about getting a good deal -- extracting more from the traffic than what it costs you to generate the traffic. 

Meaning: you need both sides of the equation -- the cost and value -- in order to know whether you're getting a good deal. 

It's not just about the cost of the traffic. It's about the cost compared to the value.

Think about it like this...

Which traffic would you rather have:

(1)  Traffic which costs you .50 cents per visitor... where each visitor is only worth .30 cents to you?


(2) Traffic which costs you $2 per visitor... where each visitor is worth $3 to you?

Of course, the answer is obviously #2. 

My point is this...

Your focus shouldn't be on trying to find the lowest cost sources of traffic.

No. Your focus should be on finding the valuable sources of traffic -- the ones which are worth more to you than what they cost. Regardless of whether they cost more than other sources. 

Remember, it's not just about cost; it's about cost versus value.

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I just recorded this on Thursday...

It covers the two most effective ways to make your marketing message believable

And this is critical...

Because your prospects will only buy from a marketing message they believe.

Nothing else matters if prospects don't believe what you're saying.

Believability is MANDATORY!

This video walks you through what to do to ensure prospects believe what you're saying about your product and offer. 

The first way covered is a simple copywriting technique you can use immediately. 

The second is slightly more advanced, but insanely effective.

In fact, I'd say... the second way is THE most effective way to have prospects believe your marketing message.


Girl Holding E5 Method Book

Wojciech Sano-Jankowiak from Poland shared this picture of his daughter, Lara, inside our E5 Nation Facebook Group.

So cute. 

Now if I could only get my own daughters to read my book. 

Who knows... maybe with an upside down view of the E5 Method Lara will unearth a fresh new perspective I missed. I wouldn't be surprised. 😁

Either way, this picture is precious. 

#futureE5er #futurebusinessrockstar


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