Todd Brown's Marketer's Mind Memo
Marketer’s Mind Memo – Issue #49

Half of 2021 is now behind you...

Before you know it, we'll be going in to 2022.

Now is the perfect time to ponder these 10 thought-provoking questions (courtesy of Jessica Stillman):

  1. What were my goals at the beginning of this year?
  2. Are my goals the same--or have things changed?
  3. Is there something I've been doing lately--like a writing project, a business project, or any kind of project or commitment--that's not feeling "right" anymore? Do I need to keep doing it? What would happen if I just stopped?
  4. What's something I'm sick of hearing myself say, over and over? Like, "I really need to start ... " "I really need to stop ... " "Seriously, for real, this week I will ... "
  5. What's something I definitely want to create, achieve, or experience before the end of this year?
  6. Who are some people I feel jealous of right now--and why? What do they have--or appear to have--that I want?  
  7. Who's someone who's been an important part of my life this year--like an amazing friend, mentor, or colleague? Have I said "thank you" to that person recently? (And science is super clear this is a good idea.)
  8. What's something I see out in the world that breaks my heart? What could I do, say, create, or contribute to be "part of the solution"?
  9. Fill in the blank: "This year, one of the best decisions I've made is _______."
  10. And lastly: Fill in the blank: "This year, I feel proud of myself because _______."

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...

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Todd Brown E5 Method


Marketing Swipe File from Todd Brown 62621

This week's swipe is a classic 16-page Bottom Line Reports magalog.

If you read nothing but the section titles and bullets you'll get a stellar education in writing compelling copy. 

Pay extra attention to the amount of curiosity and mystery created throughout the entire promo. From section to section, notice how there's more and more drama being stirred with new and different solutions introduced and teased. 

When you find yourself wanting to read more of any one section, ask yourself Why.

What is it about what's presented... or how it's presented... which is drawing you in? Why is the copy piquing your interest? What is it leveraging? What is doing? 

This type of questioning is how you'll gain deeper insights from swipes like this. 

Todd Brown's Top One Mastermind


Todd Brown Marketing Training 62221

This week on our internal Team Marketing Training...

I walked the guys through how to form a Campaign Thesis Statement -- the main belief we need our prospects to have before we introduce them to our offer. 

It's the one belief which turns your prospect's desire for a result into demand for your product.

This is something I talk about extensively in the E5 Coaching program. It's a critical step when engineering a marketing campaign.

Before writing a single word of copy, you must... MUST... be clear on what you need your prospect to believe before they hear about your offer. 

Done correctly, this one belief perfectly sets-up the sale of your product. Meaning: It makes your prospect want the product before they even hear about it. 

The structure of a proper Campaign Thesis Statement is as follows:

[Statement of Superiority] to experience [Primary Promise] is with [Unique Mechanism].


  • We use the Campaign Thesis Statement as a guide to establish the necessary Buying Belief within prospects. This is what leads prospects to see our solution as different and superior to every other option they have.

  • While we must claim and prove our Unique Mechanism is superior to every other product mechanism, we don't have to claim it's superior in every way. Meaning: Our UM may be the easiest or the fastest or the most reliable or the most powerful or the safest. It can be one or more of those. But doesn't have to be superior in all of those areas.

  • The Primary Promise must always be a specific and measurable outcome the prospect desperately desires. We need to be sure we avoid a Faux Benefit or vague promise which isn't really the end result the prospect craves. 

🤦🏻‍♀️ "Are you not getting these? CRAZY!"

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A question posted inside the E5 Nation Facebook Group...

Marketing Question for Todd Brown 62621

Below is my response:

I think the debate is a bit foolish.

Each, low ticket and high ticket for customer acquisition, has its pluses and minuses.

High ticket is easier to make work with paid traffic. Even though it produces significantly lower sales conversion rates, it only takes a small number of sales to pay for media. 

Low ticket is more difficult to work with paid traffic. It not only demands a higher sales conversion rate, it almost always requires a number of transaction maximization offers be included in the campaign (i.e. bump offers, upsells, downsells, etc.).

But, low ticket will always bring-in far more new buyers than high ticket. So, low ticket grows a bigger customer database than does high ticket. 

But... of course... there's a difference in quality of buyer between the two approaches; high ticket attracts a better quality buyer than does low ticket. 

There's also a difference in typical funnel models between the two approaches.

High ticket usually requires a VSL, webinar, multi-part video sequence, and/or telephone closing. Low ticket does not. 

With low ticket, you can get away with a short-form or long-form sales letter. Sometimes, even, just a series of emails or some copy on an order form page. 

My point is: They each, low ticket and high ticket, have their use.

One is not necessarily better than the other. One may just be more appropriate at certain times than the other. 

This is why my team uses both. 

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Eugene Schwartz Interview

This transcript is... absolute... marketing gold. 

Every page is packed with deep marketing and copywriting insights from one of the greatest minds the direct response world has ever seen. 

I strongly recommend you download this PDF, print it out, and study the heck out of it. 

I guarantee... if you do, you'll be a significantly better marketer. And I don't say that lightly. 

Also, be sure to post your biggest AHA's and takeaways from the PDF inside the E5 Nation Facebook Group.


If you've watched any of my home office videos, you've seen this wall lined from end to end with books. 

It's been my backdrop for years.

Well... this is the wall today. Empty.

The office library is officially boxed and ready for the move. 

By the time you're reading this, everything will be in temporary storage. We'll be moving-in to the new pad on Monday. 

Once settled, I'll shoot my first video for you from the new office. 

And I can't wait to show you the all new TB library. It should be magnificent.


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