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Marketer’s Mind Memo – Issue #50

Four things going on to make you aware of...

(1) We're officially moved in to the new Casa De Brown Family.

What a beast!

Now, it's unboxing time. Another couple weeks and we should be all good.

Videos from the new library coming soon. Stay tuned. 

(2) We're officially 12 weeks away from the two-day Copywriting Workshop I'm hosting.

This is two decades in the making. 

For the first time ever, I'll be sharing everything I've come to understand about producing high-converting copy.

Two full and intense days of the juiciest moves, triggers, gambits, and copy plays I know and use. 

You can get on the Notification List here if you want to be sure not miss this.

(3) Our next TOP ONE Mastermind™ Experience is July 14-16.

The theme is all about optimizing every stage of a marketing funnel. 

So we'll be sharing a stream of actionable tactics for bringing in more leads, more sales, a higher transaction value, better upsells, better hooks, and more. 

You can learn more about the TOP ONE Mastermind™ here.

(4) We're about to release five more stunning E5 Coaching Client case studies.

I'm talking MAJOR business and income transformations.

The E5 Coaching Program continues to crank-out thriving entrepreneurs deploying some of the most effective marketing campaigns today.

If you're not yet inside this group, you're missing out. 

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...

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  • Mark Ford Shares Somewhat Contrarian View On Cryptos

    I don't talk much about cryptos. It's not my bag.

    But, I agree completely with Mark's view of what we can expect from them in the future. 

  • 7 New Business Models for the Next Decade

    Teddy Garcia, our CTO, forwarded this to me.

    It's an interesting article from Peter Diamandis covering, what he feels are, "7 emerging models slated to redefine business over the next few decades."

  • This Is The Most Fun Way To Make Your Life Awesome

    What's the story you tell yourself about your life? 

    Strange question, I know. But the answer is a critical one. Especially when it comes to your level of happiness. 

    This is a fantastic article to help you see the story of your life in a different, more beneficial light. It's a bit long, but well worth reading in its entirety. 

Todd Brown E5 Method


End Of America VSL Transcript

This week's swipe is an annotated transcript of the most successful video sales letter ever published -- End of America.

It was written by Mike Palmer, widely considered the most accomplished financial copywriter of all time.  And was used by Stansberry Research. 

There are a few things I love about this promotion:

(1) The marketing idea -- "End of America" -- was... as always is.. the shining  star of the VSL.  

It was a different way of talking about a topic which had been talked about many times before.

And it was intellectually interesting as much as it was emotionally compelling at the time.  

(2) An hour and seventeen minutes -- the length of the VSL.

It proves all the people wrong who claim your videos shouldn't be longer than 12 minutes or something. Nonsense. 

(3) The extent the video goes to present an airtight, rock solid argument.

While the video is an hour and seventeen minutes, the offer isn't presented until after the one hour mark.

That's over 60 minutes of argument -- claims and proof -- before ever introducing the offer. Think about that. 

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Todd Brown Marketing Team Training 62921

This week on our internal Team Marketing Training...

I walked the guys through how to decide what to say during the body of a marketing message.

Specifically, how to choose the different beliefs to establish in the mind of the prospect before presenting the offer. 

The process begins by laying-out the Campaign Thesis Statement. This is the one belief (i.e. Buying Belief) we need prospects to have by the end of our marketing message. It's what turns your prospect's desire for a result into demand for your offer.

Once we determine the Buying Belief, constructing the body of the marketing message becomes easy. 

Because, then, it's just a matter of presenting the right claims and proof to lead prospects to accept the Buying Belief as true. 

Think of it like the process a prosecutor uses.

They start with the one belief they need the jury to have by the end of the court case (e.g. the defendant is guilty and should be punished to the full extent of the law).

Then, everything the prosecutor does, says, shows, presents is there to do one thing and one thing only -- lead the jury to that one belief.

This is the same thing we do in the body of our marketing message. 

Our jury is your pool of prospects. The one belief we need them to have is the Buying Belief. And what we say, show, present, and demonstrate is there to lead them to that one belief. 

This is how we lead prospects to want your product... before you ever even talk about it. 

(Side note: This is the heart and soul of the E5 Method. And it's a beautiful thing in action. If you want my help setting-up your own E5 Campaign, go here.)


  • The Campaign Thesis Statement tells us what to say... and what not to say... throughout our marketing message. Anything which doesn't lead the prospect one step closer to accepting the Buying Belief should be excluded.

  • The level of Prospect Awareness also plays a role in what we share in the marketing message. Higher levels of awareness require less education. So, typically, allow us to skip establishing certain beliefs in our message.

  • Everything we say during the body of the marketing message is there to establish the superiority of the Unique Mechanism. This is at the center of the Campaign Thesis Statement. So we should not be speaking about the product or offer within the body of the marketing message. We should only be talking about the product during the offer presentation portion of the Campaign.

🤦🏻‍♀️ "Are you not getting these? CRAZY!"

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A question posted inside the E5 Nation Facebook Group...

Marketing Question for Todd Brown 7321

Below is my response:

Go deep before you go wide. 

Start with one target audience. And sell them multiple offers. 

This is a smarter play. Especially earlier on in your entrepreneurial journey.


Because the profit in your business comes from the backend (i.e. additional offers presented to buyers). 

Customer acquisition is the most expensive activity in any business. It's also the most difficult. 

By targeting one customer audience (i.e. avatar), you can focus more of your energy on developing more backend offers.

This will be easier for you, will allow you to leverage the goodwill created with buyers, and will produce far more bottomline dollars for you. 

Going after multiple audiences at once is much more difficult.

It not only requires you to learn the language and motivations of different audiences, it keeps you focused longer on the front-end... instead of the backend.

While this can be a long-term play for you, it's not something I would advise early on. 

NOTE: If you're not in the E5 Nation Facebook Group with us yet, you're missing out on the opportunity to have me answer your questions. Not too mention, some killer content and live streams only shared inside the Group.

Go here and join us inside the E5 Nation Group (it's FREE!). 

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In 2005, this was part of a successful direct mail package I created.

It promoted a $1,000 a month business-development program for Chiropractors. 

The main piece of the package was a long-form sales letter presented as a special report. Four-color, glossy thick cover, inserts and all. Even a DVD. 

The funniest part of this package was the insert offering a free bonus. It wasn't for more service or more training.

The bonus was a for a goofy custom mug we had created. 

It had a cartoon image of a chiropractor working on three patients at the same time. And it said,. "Wow Dr. XXXXX you really are an amazing chiropractor!"

And, each doctor's name was personalized on the mug.

You'd think this would be meaningless to a professional. A doctor. 

But, you'd be wrong.

This goofy mug bonus drove response higher than any other bonus we offered. 

There's a lesson there for you.

I'll let you think about it. 


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