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Marketer’s Mind Memo – Issue #52

Charlie was in sales...

But, he wasn't a very skilled sales person. It didn't come natural to him. Nor did he ever learn the fundamentals of persuasion or salesmanship or closing. 

So, Charlie's first few attempts at face-to-face selling were painful. And he made no sales.

Charlie heard about sales people having success selling over the phone. So he figured he'd try his hand giving his presentation that way.

Again, the results were pitiful. No sales. 

Charlie then heard about sales people video recording their presentations and sending it to prospects via email. So he figured he'd try his hand giving his presentation that way.

No sales.

Charlie then heard about salespeople giving their presentations to prospects on Zoom. So he figured he'd try his hand giving his presentation that way.

Still, no sales.

Charlie continued looking for new and different ways to deliver his presentation... thinking there had to be some way out there which would work for him. 

But, every new way he tried ended with the same result -- no deals, no closes, no commissions. 

Eventually Charlie gave up and quit doing sales.

Charlie's tale is not unlike the typical online entrepreneur new to the world of direct response marketing.

Like Charlie, many entrepreneurs believe the magic of producing sales conversions comes from finding the "right method" to deliver the marketing and sales message. The funnel model. 

They don't realize the magic is not in the model or platform or delivery medium, but in the underlying message.

Charlie didn't know how to deliver a good sales presentation. The medium he used to deliver his poorly constructed message wasn't going to change that. 

A bad sales presentation is still a bad sales presentation whether it's delivered face-to-face, on the phone, on Zoom, or via video. The medium or mode of delivery doesn't fix anything. 

As well, a poorly constructed marketing message, like a poorly constructed sales message, isn't going to convert well... no matter what model or platform or medium used. 

Changing from a video sales letter to a webinar... or a webinar to a direct mail letter... isn't going to fix a weak marketing message. Just like changing from a Crock-pot to an oven isn't going to fix a lasagna based on a bad recipe. 

Yet... a compelling and persuasive marketing message can produce results with almost any model via almost any platform. (Of course there are some nuances here.)

If Charlie learned the principles of persuasion and salesmanship and closing, and developed the ability to deliver a good sales presentation, he would have been able to close deals face-to-face, on the phone, on Zoom, and via video. Maybe not all at the same rate or level. But he would have sold regardless of the platform.


Because the magic is not in the platform or model or medium; the magic is in the quality of the message being presented.

This applies to sales. And this applies to marketing.

Which means... this applies to YOU. 

Develop the ability to present a compelling message, and the rest is easy.

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...

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Todd Brown E5 Method


Marketing Swipe File 71721

This week's Swipe File is an example of a trial offer for a continuity program presented as a final upsell.

It's simple and straightforward. Nothing magical.

And illustrates how, sometimes, being direct and getting right to it can be an effective strategy. 

This is an easy one for you to test in one of your own campaigns. 

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Team Marketing Training with Todd Brown 71321

This week on our internal Team Marketing Training...

The guys and I reviewed the first draft of a story-based lead written by our Director of Marketing, John Mulry.

Overall it was well done. Even for a first draft. 

There were a few important distinctions I shared when using this type of campaign lead.

Let me share three.

First, is a hard fact -- a story-based campaign can be wildly effective. But, it's arguably the most difficult campaign type to pull-off well.

Usually, a story-based campaign is either a home run or a whopping failure. There's usually no grey area. It either resonates or doesn't. 

Writing about benefits and promises is often easy. Even for reasonably skilled marketers. But crafting and communicating a compelling story which captivates and maintains attention... well, that's no easy feat. Even for skilled marketers. 

Second, it's essential the storyline and experience of the protagonist resonates with prospects. It needs to be something they can relate to, especially on an emotional level. 

Third, the storyline must lead to some discovery and positive outcome. This is what we would refer to as the marketing pay-off portion of the story.

It's the marketing payoff because we introduce a solution and demonstrate the exciting result and outcome. 

Of course, the solution in the story should be congruent and match with the solution being presented within the offer at the end. 

Team Takeaways In Three Bullets:

  • Don't use shock and awe in the story just for the sake of shock and awe. While we want the opening to be in the middle of the action... and serve as a pattern interrupt... it must be congruent with the overall theme of the storyline.

  • Don't overdramatize the story. We want prospects to be able to see themselves within the storyline, or at least a similar version of the story. Anything too outrageous, true or not, and we risk losing prospects.

  • Be sure the story hits on the emotions the prospect is filling now... and the feelings they want to feel once their problem is solved. This is at heart of an effective story-based promotion.

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A question posted inside the E5 Nation Facebook Group...

Marketing Question for Todd Brown 71721

Below is my response:

Look at the engagement metrics of your upsell video. 

How far into the video are most of your prospects going? 

Are most making it to the offer? Are most dropping-off in the lead?

Where is the big drop-off point?

This is important. And valuable.

Because, before we make any changes or set-up any split-test, we want to see if we can identify the cause of the low conversion rate. 

If, for example, you see a big drop off at the beginning of the upsell video, it wouldn't make any sense to try to improve the conversion rate with a better offer.

Nor would it make any sense to try to improve the conversion rate by improving the opening of the VSL if most prospects are making it to the offer and not buying.

So, look at your engagement metrics, look for the big drop off point, and split-test with a new version of that specific part of the upsell video. 

BTW: This is they way you want to approach optimizing and improving any underperforming step of a marketing campaign -- identify the cause first, then work to improve just that part. 

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Top One Mastermind Awards

Over the past three days we held another TOP ONE Mastermind™ Experience

Our members... my highest-level clients whom I work closely with... shared and swapped their Big Money Plays -- the most actionable marketing tactics producing the biggest results for them today

And to ensure they held nothing back, I let them know we'd be giving out several awards in the end. All voted on and determined by their peers. 

Needless to say, most shared tons of killer insights; it was like drinking from a firehose for three days. Really.

Anyway, the TOP ONE™ Member who walked away with the GOLD AWARD was...

Edward Tang, now doing over $1 million dollars in sales a month. 

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