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It most certainly feels weird and somewhat ridiculous saying it, but...

If you've ever been curious about my backstory, my personal life, what drives me, and how the E5 Method came about, the above 3-minute documentary will answer many of your questions. 

After you watch it, then go on to this week's goodies...

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  • How Susceptible Are You to the Sunk Cost Fallacy?

    I believe this... the Sunk Cost Fallacy... negatively impacts more entrepreneurs than most realize. 

    If you've ever said to yourself or your team, "We've put so much time and energy into this project, so we're not giving up on it", this is for you. 

  • Dark Patterns that Mislead Consumers Are All Over the Internet

    It's crazy to think there are design elements... almost imperceptible to your conscious brain... which impact your decisions and actions online.

    But, it's not crazy. There are.   

  • How creative are you? This 4-minute word test will tell you

    Creativity is not as elusive as many believe.

    It's not about coming up with something "new". It's about finding connections between two or more seemingly disconnected elements. 

    If you're curious how you fare in this area, take this little test. 

    Side-note: No matter how you score, you can improve your creativity muscle with a little work.

    Here's how: Once a day pick two disconnected objects and see how many connections you can make between them. Do it daily. 

Todd Brown's Top One Mastermind


Marketing Swipe File 73121

This week's Swipe File is great example of down-to-earth story telling. 

This is a promotion from one of my clients, Agora Financial.

I believe the copy was written by Mike Morgan.  

Pay attention to how pictures are painted, details are revealed, and actions are shown rather than told. 

As well, notice how the copy doesn't read or feel like copy. No hype, exaggeration, or excessive adjectives. Instead, the copy feels like important information is being shared through narrative. Like a news story. 

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Todd Brown Marketing Meeting Team 72721

This week on our internal Team Marketing Training...

I walked the crew through the nine criteria of an attractive solution. 

When selling anything, remember... people are buying solutions to problems. 

Nobody buys a product or service because they want the product or service. No. 

People buy products and services because they believe the product or service will solve a problem.

That problem could be the alleviation of a pain point or the acquisition of an unfulfilled need or desire. 

Either way, people buy solutions. 

And the "attractiveness" of the solution matters. Big time. 

Engineering a high-converting offer isn't only about price, terms, guarantee, and premiums. 

Those are critical elements. Of course. 

But those only determine how irresistible the proposition is to get the solution. 

If the solution itself isn't wildly attractive to prospects, price, terms, guarantee, and premiums will only take your offer so far. 

The key is to have an irresistible proposition, of course, which gives prospects the chance to get a solution they see as extremely attractive. 

So, we begin by engineering solutions to our prospects problems that meet as many of the nine criteria we can. 

Team Takeaways In Three Bullets:

  • The solution we're offering should itself be designed to be the type of solution prospects want, before we decide how to best present the offer. So, solution first; then price, terms, guarantee, premiums, reason to respond now.
  •  Great pricing and bonuses will never make-up for a solution which prospects don't view as exciting and attractive. If the solution is not something the see as easy, fast, different, superior, etc., conversions will suffer no matter what else we do in the offer.

  • It's not our job to claim our solution works fast and is easy to use, if it's not. It's our job to engineer solutions which do work fast and are easy to use, and do produce significant results, etc. 

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A question posted inside the E5 Nation Facebook Group...

E5 Marketing Question 73121

Below is superb response from Paul Mascetta, one of our E5 Advisors:

E5 Marketing Answer 73121

NOTE: If you're not in the E5 Nation Facebook Group with us yet, you're missing out on the opportunity to have me answer your questions. Not too mention, some killer content and live streams only shared inside the Group.

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I use Dropbox and pCloud for cloud storage...

Both, because I have A LOT of files. 

But, for sharing documents and stuff, I like Wormhole.

You don't need to download an app or anything, if you don't want; you can go right to

It gives you a link to share almost instantly. And, you can set the link to expire after a certain amount of time or after a certain amount of downloads. 


I glanced out the office window...

The kids were having some fun in the pool. 

And, of course, in the shade... on the dangling cushion... is Carly grabbing a quick mid-day snooze.


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