Todd Brown's Marketer's Mind Memo

The umbrella took off like a missile... shooting out of the base and thirty feet into the air.

And the wind was carrying it now towards people sitting poolside. 

I looked-on with horror. As did the podcast host interviewing me.

We were at the West Palm Beach Hilton for our annual marketing conference. 

An attendee coordinated a quick on-camera interview with me in-between sessions.

We were out back. The sun was shining. It was about 80 degrees out. But it was extremely windy. 

Midway thru our chat... SWOOSH! The umbrella covering us was airborne.

Thankfully, it landed without hurting anyone.

The hotel staff grabbed the umbrella and secured it back in place for us. 

After a few minutes of recollecting ourselves, we jumped back into the interview. And finished without any further incident. 

Once published, that interview went on to garner thousands of views.

But, not because of the umbrella; that part was edited out. 

The interview turned out fantastic. All good.

See: It doesn't matter what happens midway thru a project. How gruesome things may look or feel or seem as you're progressing. 

The only thing which matters is the finished product. 

Things may go terribly awry in the middle. That doesn't mean the finished product won't be good. 

It just means you need to keep going, make adjustments, get yourself realigned, and finish strong.

Obstacles, issues, curveballs... are all to be expected.

Most things don't go perfectly according to plan. Again, that's okay. It's normal. 

Midway thru is just that: midway thru. 

No matter what happens as you're progressing, keep progressing. 

You may be wildly surprised at how good the outcome is... despite flying umbrellas in the middle.  

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...

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Marketing Swipe File 10121

This week's Swipe File is a ride-along piece I used many moons ago when marketing a business development program for massage therapists. 

As you'll see, it's a booklet of just social proof.

I first saw this used by Bill Glazer of GKIC. Loved it and modeled it. 

This is something you can easily do in PDF form if you don't use direct mail. 

It's a powerful way of demonstrating volume of varied success stories and rave reviews. 

Note: You should always be on the lookout for unique ways of executing on effective marketing strategies.

In this example, we're talking about social proof. 

So, rather than doing what every one else does (i.e. only having testimonials on your marketing and sales pages), this is a different way of presenting proof.  

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Todd Brown Marketing Training 92821

This week on our internal Team Marketing Training...

I explained the art of powerful verb-driven copy. 

Despite what many new marketers and copywriters believe, good marketing copy is not filled with lots of adjectives and adverbs.

No. Good copy is driven by verbs. Good verbs. Action verbs. Verbs which appeal to one or more of the senses. 

Some verbs are weak, dead. They're static, they convey no movement. No emotion.

We want to cut these and replace them with action verbs.

"Bob was behind the counter."

Dead. No picture. No movement.

What was Bob doing behind the counter? How did Bob feel? 

"Bob hid behind the counter."

"Bob paced behind the counter."

"Bob hovered behind the counter."

"Bob readied himself behind the counter."

Here, with these verbs, we have more of a picture. And more movement. More action.

But, choosing action verbs for your copy is only one step. Actually, the second step.

The first step is to decide the feeling or emotion or perspective you're trying to paint in the prospect's mind. 

If, let's say, you're trying to convey how quickly your product works, you want to make sure you choose an action verb which demonstrates speed.

If you're trying to convey how simple it is to use your product, you want to choose an action verb which demonstrates ease.

It all begins with what you want to convey to your prospect... and what you want them to think and feel. 

"Bob eased into the situation."

"Bob leaped into the situation."

Same sentence. Two different verbs. Two different pictures created. 


A question posted inside the E5 Nation Facebook Group...

Marketing Question for Todd Brown 10121

Below is my response:

Todd Brown Marketing Answer 10121

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I love computer hacks and tricks -- ways to become more efficient.

As I see it: Seconds saved every minute can add up to minutes saved every hour which can add up to hours saved every week.  

Command E shines like an angel from heaven in this area. 

This tool makes all of your files, notes, images, emails, documents, team communications, etc., searchable and accessible from one app. Even all your stuff which lives in the cloud.

And the whole app is driven by keyboard shortcuts. 

So, for example, I press command-e... then, from the app pop-up, I can search for any communication in Slack, any email in Gmail, any note in Evernote, any document or file on my hard drive or in G-suite, any appointment on my calendar, any entry into Notion, any webpage I recently visited.  

As the kids say... it's sick!

Oh, and for individual use... it's free!


Marketer’s Mind Memo – Issue #62

This is what I look like after almost 19 hours of copywriting training over three days. 

Not too bad, right?

All kidding aside, the A-Z Copywriting Workshop was a blast. Fast-paced, intense, and two decades of insights stuffed into 72 hours. 

This pic was snapped during the Q&A portion on day three. 


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