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Greetings from South Florida…

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve conducted dozens of one-on-one 90-day planning sessions with TOP ONE™ Clients.

These are my top folks…

A small “family” group of entrepreneurs on pace for over $300 million this year.

And there’s one thing all of these 90-day planning sessions had in common…

And it’s a lesson every aspiring 7 and 8-figure entrepreneur should learn.

All of these successful TOP ONE™ Clients think like business owners, not like self-employed entrepreneurs.

Meaning: They view their businesses as a separate entity from themselves. As something they own. As something they’re developing and engineering so it can thrive on its own, without them.

In other words, these entrepreneurs all recognize… they’re not the business; instead, they have a business.

While this may seem like nuance, it’s not.

As we were laying-out their next 90-day marketing plans, everything was put through a dual filter:

(1) Is this this the biggest needle mover for bottom-line profit growth?

(2) Will this decrease the business’s reliance on the TOP ONE™ Client?

The focus being: scale the business, its cash flow, and its profitability… while… nurturing and increasing the business’s independence from the entrepreneur.

Not just one…

Not just the other…


It’s a super way to make sure your growth plan is not only banking you more money, but it’s also giving you more freedom and autonomy.

And isn’t that what having a business is really all about?

With that, let’s get to this week’s goodies…


  • The CEO of No

    Andrew Wilkinson has something like 600 employees. Yet, he only likes to have 2-3 meetings a day, tops.

    This is a great article covering how he handles meeting requests, his email inbox, his calendar, and more.


  • How To Think

    Not for the intellectually lazy, this is a great little article about critical thinking and “the five enemies of rational thought”. 

    With so much nonsense and bogus information shared across the web, the ability to spot flawed logic or fallacious arguments is, obviously, helpful.


War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

Hard to call The War Of Art an “oddity”, but I’m including it here since I don’t see enough people in the entrepreneurial world talking about this gem.

On the surface, this seems like a book for creatives, writers, artists, etc.

But, at the core, this is a book about overcoming Resistance — the internal enemy which battles us we strive to accomplish and produce more. 

My favorite quote from the book — and something worthy of reminding yourself of often — “The professional has learned that success, like happiness, comes as a by-product of work. The professional concentrates on the work and allows rewards to come or not come.”


Todd Brown's Weekly Marketing Team Training

 This week on our internal marketing training

The team and I dove deep into establishing in the mind of the prospect, what we call, the Campaign Thesis — the one belief prospects need to have, before we present the S.I.N. Offer, in order for them to want to buy.

The Campaign Thesis is the aim, the North Star, our guiding light, so to speak, of our marketing message.

Everything we do, say, show, present, demonstrate, explain within the marketing message is there to do one thing and one thing only — lead the prospect to accept the Campaign Thesis as true.

When done correctly, acceptance of the Campaign Thesis perfectly leads the prospect to want your offer… before you even present it. 


  • Every Campaign Thesis consists of three core elements: (a) a phrase which conveys superiority (e.g. “the most efficient, most effective”), (b) a Primary Promise, and (c) a Unique Mechanism. 
  • At the core, the Campaign Thesis leads the prospect to see our solution as not only different, but superior to all other options. This is the one belief we want them to have by the end of our marketing message and before we present the offer.
  • The Campaign Thesis tells us exactly what we need to show and tell throughout our marketing message, as well as what we should exclude. This is why the Campaign Thesis Statement must be laid-out before we write a single word of copy.  
Todd Brown's Internal Marketing Calls


Question asked to Todd Brown

This question comes from inside the MFA Nation Facebook Group.

My response:

“You can do anything, you just can’t do everything.”

This is something Damian Lanfranchi, our COO, shares with our team regularly. 

And it’s spot on.

Just cause you can do something to build your business doesn’t mean you should do it. 

Overall, I’m a big advocate of identifying your sweet-spot activities and sticking to them.

Meaning: What are you good at, what are you passionate about, and what do you enjoy doing?

If it’s writing, write. Blog, write essays, focus on more written content.

If it’s talking, talk. Podcast, distribute more audio content, etc.

If it’s being on camera, do more videos, live streams, etc. 

Stick with your strengths. 

Just cause you see someone else doing well with webinars doesn’t mean you need to do them.

Maybe webinars aren’t your thing. That’s okay. 

Maybe on-camera videos aren’t your thing. That’s okay.

The most successful entrepreneurs I know and work with all stick to their strengths.  

Because no matter what your areas of weakness may be, there’s always a path to success which leverages your strengths.  


Todd Brown Case Study Collection

Proof is one of your most valuable marketing assets. 

It’s one thing for you to make a claim about your product or service, it’s another thing for you to show evidence of real consumers reaping the benefits and promises you present.

This is why you should be intentional and proactive about consistently collecting case studies, endorsements, testimonials, and positive reviews. 

We have hundreds on file at MFA. From all types of entrepreneurs, for all of our programs and products, from folks all over the world. 

You should do the same.

We use a simple Trello board with columns for each of our programs, as well as one for general endorsements.   


One of my favorite pictures from our annual conference a few years ago. 

Damian Lanfranchi, our COO, enjoying some quality time with dear clients Robert and his lovely wife, Gabriela. 

Sadly, a few days ago Robert passed away after an intense battle with stomach cancer. 

This picture, and the many others I have with Robert, will continue to serve as a reminder of how precious life is… for all of us. 

Robert will be deeply missed. 


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