Persuasion Secrets Behind Our High Converting Email Sequences

In Part 1 of this post series, I shared how we structure our follow-up email sequences… today we get to the good stuff with the intensification sequence.

Remember, the intensification sequence simply intensifies the offer and intensifies the desire for the offer.

In this intensification sequence, we usually use the 5P framework.

The 5P Framework for High Converting Intensification Sequences

Email #1: Proof

The first email that we send out is always centered around proof.

It tells the story of a successful customer.

It shows the before and after journey. It takes an average individual that used your product or service, and it shows their unique customer journey. Proof.

There’s a deeper layer to this, what I call “diverse proof”. The explanation is lengthy and won’t fit in this post, so if you want the deep dive on creating incredibly compelling “diverse proof” go here.

Email #2: Prize

The second email is what I call “prize”.

Here is where we’re sweetening the offer.

This is typically where we add in an additional bonus. You can roll out an unannounced bonus that you haven’t told the prospects about previously.

There are fancy ways of doing this based on segmentation, which I’ll show you later on.

Email #3: Proof (again)

This is where we provide more proof.

Usually we tell the story of a successful customer.

Just remember what Gary Bencivenga (one of the greatest most successful copywriters of all time) said about proof as the foundation of every great marketing campaign.

And I really agree. When you have enough proof, enough diverse proof, you really can make a claim and just offer proof, and that is all you need IF you have enough great proof.

Email #4: Payments

The fourth email is where we introduce a payment plan.

So, if you are selling a product (even if it’s considered a high end or mid-tier product in your marketplace) and you have not rolled out a payment plan during the follow-up email sequence, this is where you do it.

Every market is different in terms of what’s considered mid-tier and what’s considered high-end pricing…

But you’d be crazy not to even take something that’s $100 and give them the opportunity to pay it over payments.

It’s amazing today how it’s not the total price that most people look at – is the individual payments.

Email #5: PUSH

The fifth and final email is crucial. This is where we incorporate a deadline.

(keep in mind the timing of when this email is sent is very important)

Bottom Line: You need to give people a reason for responding now.

Remember that especially online where there’s so much noise and so much activity, that…

 Delay is the DEATH of the sale.

And if there’s a reason for somebody to delay their purchase, they’re going to jump at that reason.

People are looking for an opportunity or reason to delay making a purchase.

We incorporate a deadline where the offer gets pulled in our intensification sequences.

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