Possibly The Most Valuable Copy Dissection I’ve Ever Shared…

[Part 2]

In Part 1 of this blog post, I gave you a sneak peek into how I generated a big marketing idea for a promotion known as The Social Security Loophole.

My big idea and “mock lead” was pretty exciting and unique…

However, the idea created by the copywriter for the actual promotion was far more powerful…

Today, you’ll see why.

The Big Idea Behind “Social Security Loophole”

The copywriter dreamed up this angle of there being a “glitch” in the Social Security Administration that gets you paid 4 extra checks a year.

From Part 1, you’ll remember this promotion is about a stock recommendation for a real estate company that rents 10.4 million square feet of commercial real estate to the US government.

The copywriter thought: “Wow, if this company owns buildings that are occupied by the Social Security Administration and this company then pays you four times a year as part of that rental payment from the Social Security Administration… can we make this connection?”

That’s the thing that I want you to get in this dissection…

Transforming an Ordinary Idea into a Big Idea

I want you to get how the copywriter took the idea of a company owning real estate that’s being leased to the government and then sharing the distributions, the dividends, the payments to shareholders.

Notice how the copywriter took that ordinary common idea and spun it into “4 payments a year from the Social Security Administration” that have nothing to do with your social security payments.

Here the headline and lead for the promotion. Let’s go through the main points.

1. Big Idea

The first thing that you can see is the big idea right at the top…

“Thanks to a little known social security contract, you could get four deposits of $1,720 or more in 2018 for a total of 6,880.”

This “little known social security contract” is the unique mechanism.

Remember, the unique mechanism is just the thing, the part of your product, the part of your offer, the part of the thing that you are giving to prospects that delivers the result.

2. Primary Promise

The result is the promise “four deposits of $1,720 or more on the year, a total of 6,880”.

Big idea, unique mechanism, primary promise, and then followed by urgency immediately.

3. Urgency

“WARNING: You must act before January 19th in order to get your first deposit.”

I love how even with the urgency you must act before January 19th.

Notice there is urgency for why you want to respond now – why you want to pay attention now.

Remember, when it comes to your marketing, you have to answer the question of why should I even engage now? Why can’t I just put this off later?

This is important because while there’s urgency when it becomes to responding to the offer, there’s also urgency for why should I even engage NOW?

This copy has urgency for why you need to engage and read this right now.

There’s even a benefit in there with the urgency (get your first deposit) and then a proof point.

4. Proof (in the form of a testimonial)

“I’ve collected $5,675 so far. I like the income stream this contract provides.”

This gives immediate credibility and proof to the primary promise.

5. Pattern Interrupt

I also dig the image of the “redacted” letter because it serves as a pattern interrupt.

This is really powerful deck copy if you look at the purpose of each of the chunks shown above.

I’ll stop there for now. The full dissection is way to long for a blog post…

If you want to watch the complete and unedited video version of this dissection where I show you the purpose of every single line of copy the makes this a multi-million dollar promotion go here.

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