Click here.
Go there.
Do this.

When it comes to the copy marketers use for their call to actions (i.e. buttons, links, etc.) throughout their marketing funnels, often the wrong action gets amplified.

“Download your PDF”, “Watch the video”, “Grab your Cheat Sheet” — these are examples of what I call, “Feature-Focused Calls To Action.”

They’re CTA’s focused on the action of acquiring the feature of the offer or lead magnet. The widget. The thing.

What’s wrong what that, you ask?

Well, for starters, nobody wants a PDF, a video, or a Cheat Sheet.

They want results. A new outcome. A benefit. A change in circumstance.

Prospects don’t want the thing. They want the benefits they believe they’ll get from that thing.

That’s where “Outcome-Focused Calls To Action” come in to play.

Those are CTA’s that highlight the benefit of taking the action.

For example: “Start Burning Fat Now”, “Boost Your Conversions”, “Increase Your Credit Score”.

See the difference?

I love the way author, Ann Handley, puts it (quoting Joanna Wiebe of, “Don’t amplify the act of proceeding, amplify the value of it. Not ‘Start free trial’ but ‘End scheduling hassles.’”

Just like you want to do with your overall marketing funnel message, with your CTA’s, highlight what’s in it for the prospect when taking the action.

Focus on what they want to get more of what you want – your prospects taking action.