Writing Copy For Facebook Ads

Writing Copy For Facebook Ads

The list of Facebook’s prohibited advertising words, phrases, topics, and themes feels like it’s growing by the day.

Not too mention, their spoken and unspoken advertising terms: No claims… no promises… no big benefit statements… no results-based proclamations… no typical fill-in-the-blank headlines… none of that.

Try to run ads with any of those, and your stuff is disapproved or runs the risk of, at some point, getting your account flagged.

This is why the idea of writing “compliant copy” has become something of a hot topic.

Compliance is, obviously, essential. A non-negotiable.

But, trying to craft compelling and persuasive copy… which is also compliant… is no easy task when trying to do it with the old-school promise-driven style of direct response.

Because you’re handcuffed

It’s like trying to produce a horror film without being allowed to include any sharp objects, scary masks, eerie music, or blood and gore.

You’ve got to be one heck of a movie magician to pull that off.

Okay… so, then, what do you do?


MEPS: How Follow-up Drives Follow Through…

This should be obvious…

But a lot of folks need this spelled out for them:

Following up with prospects who aren’t engaging with your content is key for conversion growth.

A significant portion of our sales comes from prospects who we had to strategically activate at the top of our marketing funnel…

This can take time, but if done wisely, these low-hanging fruits can be harvested for huge gains in revenue.

This strategy is called “non-responder follow-up”, which I’ll break down for you with some hypotheticals…

Bulletproof Marketing Funnels Are Made Of This…

If you can’t prove why I should believe you…

I’m simply not going to believe you.

That goes doubly if you’re trying to sell me something…

When people try to sell me something that they say is fantastic, cutting-edge, revolutionary, blah blah blah…

This only tells me they think their offer is gold (or at least a gold polished turd)…

And as far as I know, nobody and nothing is backing them up.

When people get pitched- remember that they’re always thinking:

Become The “Godfather” Of Your Market

If you want to see higher conversions, then your audience is going to need to see an offer they can’t refuse…

I’ve never been one for selling myself short, but I’m all for upselling, cross-selling, and every-which-way-selling…And you do that with a great offer.

What I want you to understand right off the bat is that your offer is more important than your copy.

The offer is 100 times more important than the words and phrases that you use to inform your prospect about the offer.

Remember the order of importance in direct-response marketing:

Revealed: Millionaire Strategy For Achieving Big Goals

(behind the scenes at my desk every morning)

When it comes to achieving my biggest life goals and attaining the life of my dreams… I’ve tried every strategy.

I’ve tried every tool, every software, and every approach imaginable…

Today I’m taking you behind the scenes into my simple strategy that allows me to consistently be productive and hit my massive goals.

WARNING: Hypnotic Copywriting Technique

Today I want to share a tactic that can take your copywriting game to the next level, bringing your conversions along for the ride…

They’re called Dimensionalized Benefit Statements

With this simple writing technique, you’re captivating the attention of prospects, grabbing them by the collar and pulling them into your marketing funnel as if hypnotized

3 Boxes You Must Check BEFORE Prospects Will Buy…

Here’s a powerful law of persuasion for you…

People like and trust people that are most like themselves.

We naturally migrate towards people that are similar to us.

In your marketing funnel you can engineer powerful rapport with prospects thereby driving higher conversions and building rock solid, long term relationships with your buyers.