Possibly The Most Valuable Copy Dissection I’ve Ever Shared…

[Part 2]

In Part 1 of this blog post, I gave you a sneak peek into how I generated a big marketing idea for a promotion known as The Social Security Loophole.

My big idea and “mock lead” was pretty exciting and unique…

However, the idea created by the copywriter for the actual promotion was far more powerful…

Today, you’ll see why.

The Murderer’s Marketing Criteria

Part 1

Murderer's Marketing Criteria by Todd Brown

I want to show you the single most important thing about generating response with your marketing in 2018.

Now, I’m not talking about some tactic, a new strategy, some whiz-bang app, or a plugin, or anything like that.

This is much more foundational to your success.

You need to understand this before you sit down to engineer or craft any piece of your marketing campaign.

To make this point, I’ll share a movie clip with you.

Possibly The Most Valuable Copy Dissection I’ve Ever Shared…

[Part 1]

Copy Dissection with Todd Brown

I’m going to give you a glimpse into the evolution of a Big Marketing Idea.

This is from the financial publishing world. In fact, this is from our friends over at Agora Financial.

I want you to understand where it began. I want you to see how the copywriter came up with this incredible big marketing idea from a simple product, from a simple idea.

I also want to show you a mock lead that I wrote for this same promotion and the difference between my idea and lead, and the final idea for the actual promotion and lead that the copywriter for this promotion came up with.

Today in Part 1 I’ll show you my lead, and in Part 2 we’ll compare with the actual idea and lead that was used for this promotion.

I want you to see how much better his idea is than my idea and hence why his lead and promotion is ultimately that much better than mine.

I want you to see a couple things:

I like to TASTE my marketing…

Todd Brown Marketing Blog

My younger daughter digs cooking.

Me? Eating.

But I’ve watched enough episodes of Hell’s Kitchen to be able to offer her some guidance.

“Taste your food frequently as you’re cooking,” I tell her. “This way you can catch anything you may have missed or left out, early.”

Gordon Ramsey would be proud.

Oddly enough, it’s pretty much the same advice I share with entrepreneurs about their marketing.

My marketing is now all “Open Source”

My marketing is now all "Open Source"

“We grew by openly sharing and swapping our best ideas. With radical transparency.”

That’s how Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Inc., opened his talk at the 2017 Publisher’s Roundtable in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua.

In a room filled with some of the sharpest direct marketers in the world, all eyes were on the 69 year-old billionaire.

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world of direct response publishing, even an off-hand comment from Bill can be worth its weight in gold.

Here, he was behind the lectern, giving a prepared presentation. A rare treat.

So attendees were glued to his every word. Me included…