Surprising (And Fast) Tactic To Boost Your Sales

This is one of the slickest and savviest ways to increase your order form completion (and boost your sales) without changing anything else.

It’s a tactic I call “The Mock Coupon Code”.

Let’s say your product is $997, but you’re giving a special offer of $497 today.

But, the pricing is irrelevant…

The layout is where the magic is.

Here’s what it looks like on an order form:

Notice the two core elements that make this tactic so incredibly effective.

1. Coupon Code Name

Technically, there is no coupon code field…

It’s really just a rectangular box with the word “VIPDiscount20” and a check box icon.

To the prospect it looks like a pre-filled coupon code…

The prospect doesn’t have to enter or change anything.

IMPORTANT: The coupon name you choose must convey value.

You’ll notice in that coupon code I use the word “discount”.

Also, I use the word “VIP”.

There’s A LOT of under-the-radar psychology at play here.

This discount is for very important people.

It’s for special individuals, so this is conveying to the prospect;

“You are getting a special deal. You’re being given special treatment!”

You’re tapping into their self-esteem, their need to be recognized, their desire to be part of an exclusive group, and even their wish to be better than their neighbors.

2. Price Exclusivity and Urgency

The second piece to be aware of is the phrase “special today”.

You could also write something like, “VIP Only” or “VIPs Only $497” or “Today, For VIPs Only”.

When you understand how powerful the psychology is in this little space, you’ll see how it makes the discount more believable, real, and authentic.

It feels more exclusive and unique.

Ok, there you go.

“The Mock Coupon Code” tactic is the fastest way to increase your order form completion and decrease your order form abandonment.

This all means mores sales from every visitor you’re getting.


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