The Most Important Question When Marketing?

Everything In Your Marketing Should Be Designed For One Purpose…

Everything that we do, and say, and show, and present in your marketing campaign is designed to do one thing –

And that one thing is establish that marketing thesisis make sure that your prospects have that one belief.

The Big Marketing Idea establishes one belief in your prospect's mind.
The job of your marketing thesis is to establish the “one” belief your prospects need to get them to buy.

See, really, the whole marketing campaign, the marketing message is all about:

Marketing Strategist or Shiny-Object Chasing Tactician?

Become A Student Of Strategy

When it comes to strategy and tactics, marketing strategy and marketing tactics, one of the things that I always teach my students and clients is you really want to become a student of strategy.

Marketing strategy trumps marketing tactics every time.
Marketing Strategy > Marketing Tactics

Strategy is, really, the big picture of what you want to see happen.

For example, let’s say, providing social proof, right?

That could be a marketing strategy.

Stop Sounding Hype-y And Do This Instead

Stop Marketing Like Everyone Else

“The marketing itself doesn’t need to be that great, when you’ve got a great idea.”

Todd Brown

You know, the really interesting thing, man, is that we’ve all seen marketing, that is hype-y, hyperbolic, loaded with adjectives, and adverbs, and just feels obnoxious and in your face.

And often times, that comes from having…

No One Cares About Your “5 Steps To _____”

The Big Mistake Entrepreneurs Make Marketing Their Products

So let’s say you sell an information product right now, some type of training program…

And maybe you have, as part of your training program, you’ve got five steps to X, seven steps to X, maybe it’s the seven steps to Facebook advertising.

Well, what you want to do, is you want to take those seven steps and you want to –

How Do You Get Your Prospects’ Attention In A Crowded Market?

To Attract More Prospects, Learn To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

There’s a bunch of different ways or really a couple of different ways that you can differentiate in marketing.

Number one, right off the bat, you could show up differently, that’s how I like to describe it.

To attract the right prospects to your business, be different from your competitors.
Be different and stand out to your perfect prospects. Seriously.

Showing up differently means that the way your competitors look and feel, the way they’re marketing, the way they’re advertising, the way their sales page is, the way their marketing page is, the way their branding is being done, the way that looks –

Front End vs. Back End Marketing?

For Business Growth, Understand The Difference Between These Two Marketing Outcomes

Front End and Back End Marketing have different purposes.

This is a total game changer for any business owner when you get this and approach it the right way.

What I’m talking about here is the front end and the back end in your business.

And, let me first define what front end and back end is, and then I’m going to give you the game changer that can radically speed the growth of your business.