Does Your Marketing Have A “Big Idea?”

A Big Marketing Idea Is An Idea That Is Both Intellectually Interesting As Well As Emotionally Compelling

What that means is that it resonates on an emotional level, it stirs emotions within your prospects, but it’s also an idea that is intriguing from an intellectual level, an intellectual basis, and so it appeals to both the head and the heart.

Big Marketing Ideas are emotionally compelling
Big Marketing Ideas are emotionally compelling.

It’s not just a logical intellectual idea, and it’s also not just some promise of benefits on purely emotional, it it is appealing to both the head and the heart.

And therefore…

Get More Customers Faster – Adopt This Mindset

Maximum Customer Acquisition Requires A Change In Thinking

When it comes to customer acquisition, one of the healthiest things that you can do, one of the best things that you can do to help your business grow is instead of thinking like an entrepreneur or a business owner, to think like an investor.

What do I mean by that?

Copy These 2 Offers To Make More Sales This Week

Make Your Offer Irresistible If You Want More Sales

There are two offers off the top of my head that really jump out… That really stood out.

One offer was when it was for an information product. And when you completed the product and you implemented what was being taught in the product, you could send in proof that you actually implemented and took action, and you immediately got a refund check for everything that you spent on the program.

Insanely powerful for the average entrepreneur.

You’re thinking, well why would they do that?

The Big Mistake ‘Average’ Entrepreneurs Make

Are You Making This Critical Marketing Mistake?

The big mistake, the major mistake, that a lot of entrepreneurs make is they don’t approach the front end and the back end differently.

Meaning that to the typical, to the average entrepreneur, they look at marketing to generate customers and marketing to existing customers as the same.

In their mind, they don’t differentiate between the two.

This “Secret” Will Make You More Sales (Most Won’t Do This)

Making More Sales Comes From Knowing Your Market’s Problems And Desires

Getting More Sales Starts With Understanding Your Market.

First and foremost, you have to be in tune with the market.

You have to be a student of the market because what I’m looking for, what we’re always looking for, is we’re looking for something different.

We’re looking for something that nobody else has presented to the market.

But we’re also looking at something that the market is going to salivate over, that the market is really going to think,

Great Little Marketing Book

I’ve got a great marketing book for you.

It’s the same book Russell Brunson gave to his attendees at Funnel Hacking Live, and Ryan Deiss gave to attendees at Traffic & Conversion Summit.

It’s the perfect book for you if you have one or more marketing campaigns NOT bringing you enough sales.

Odd prospect question you MUST answer

If I asked you the following question, could you answer it?

“How does your product or service work to deliver results?”

Not, what will it do for me. Not, benefits.

But, HOW does it deliver the main benefits you’re promising?

You MUST answer this question in your marketing.

And answer it correctly if you hope to generate a sale.