I wanted to slap this marketer!

Broken Marketing Funnel

“That’s like trying to fix a broken back with massage therapy,” I said. “It may feel good, but it ain’t gonna solve the problem.”

A fellow marketer had asked my opinion…

“My marketing campaign isn’t really converting. Like eight sales. You think I should add a chatbot?”

I wanted to grab him and shake him by his shirt.

Add a chatbot?… To a campaign with a message and offer clearly not resonating or converting?

No! A chatbot isn’t going to fix a broken campaign.

It’s broken… and not converting… not because the campaign is missing a chatbot or text message follow-up or a certain type of countdown timer or anything else “small” like that.

Those things are optimization tactics; ways of improving the performance of a marketing campaign already working.

None of them will fix a broken campaign with a low, inadequate sales conversion rate. That’s not what they’re for.

If your campaign is broken… and not producing enough sales… the problem is with, either:

Smart Marketers Do This Now When Promising Anything

Prospects Have Evolved. Your Marketing Needs To As Well...

Promises In Marketing

It’s no longer enough to just promise your prospects a slew of benefits in your marketing.

Prospects have evolved…

And your marketing needs to evolve as well.

Today, because prospects are pounded with advertising and marketing messages, they want to know more than just WHAT your product or service can do for them.

All Marketing is Manipulation…

I get this question from marketers all the time so I wanted to address this in a short and sweet post for you today.

All marketing is manipulation. Period.

There are preconceived, negative connotations associated with the word “manipulation”.

To me, marketing is about moving people emotionally.

It’s about prodding feelings, emotions, and perspective.

It’s about stimulating (and dare I say worsening) fears that already exist.

It’s about stimulating, as John Carlton would say, “the greed glands.”

Marketing is manipulating emotions.

The reason why I’m okay with that is because I believe it comes down to is this…

Lesson I Learned from a Drug Dealer

Marketing Lesson Learned From A Drug Dealer

When I was in my early twenties I was surrounded by a lot of surly characters.

One, Greg, was a well-known drug dealer. Steroids, growth hormone, that sort of stuff.

And, man, was he paranoid.

Always thought his phone was being bugged. Even had a device connected to the line that, supposedly, could detect any monitoring.

Who knows.

He later went to prison. So maybe not.

One day, long before Greg got pinched (as they say), I agreed to pop by his little condo to grab a bag of “stuff” for my roommate.

I knew Greg, and my roommate didn’t, so the rule was: I had to come alone.

I like to TASTE my marketing…

Todd Brown Marketing Blog

My younger daughter digs cooking.

Me? Eating.

But I’ve watched enough episodes of Hell’s Kitchen to be able to offer her some guidance.

“Taste your food frequently as you’re cooking,” I tell her. “This way you can catch anything you may have missed or left out, early.”

Gordon Ramsey would be proud.

Oddly enough, it’s pretty much the same advice I share with entrepreneurs about their marketing.

My marketing is now all “Open Source”

My marketing is now all "Open Source"

“We grew by openly sharing and swapping our best ideas. With radical transparency.”

That’s how Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Inc., opened his talk at the 2017 Publisher’s Roundtable in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua.

In a room filled with some of the sharpest direct marketers in the world, all eyes were on the 69 year-old billionaire.

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world of direct response publishing, even an off-hand comment from Bill can be worth its weight in gold.

Here, he was behind the lectern, giving a prepared presentation. A rare treat.

So attendees were glued to his every word. Me included…