This “Secret” Will Make You More Sales (Most Won’t Do This)

Making More Sales Comes From Knowing Your Market’s Problems And Desires

Getting More Sales Starts With Understanding Your Market.

First and foremost, you have to be in tune with the market.

You have to be a student of the market because what I’m looking for, what we’re always looking for, is we’re looking for something different.

We’re looking for something that nobody else has presented to the market.

But we’re also looking at something that the market is going to salivate over, that the market is really going to think,

“Oh my gosh,”

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for,”

“This is insane, this is crazy!”

So different but yet right within the sweet spot of the market.

And so, in order to know if something’s different, and, of course, in order to know if you’re within the sweet spot, which we’ll talk about in a second, you have to become a student of the market.

And so, I’m always looking for what are my competitors saying.

What are the themes, the common themes, if any, across competitors?

Are they addressing a certain problem, a certain desirable solution? And I’m seeing trends across the board.

Is there certain terminology that they’re using?

And I’m also looking for how they are presenting those certain things.

What are your competitors already saying to your potential customers?


Because I don’t want to duplicate how they’re presenting it.

But I do, if I can, I want to identify a trend…

I look for what isn’t the market being given.


So what isn’t the market being taught?

So, there are lots of things that we know that we should be doing.

Lots of different topics, from, copyrighting, email, re-targeting, all these different things.

So I look at what is being taught and what is not being taught.

And what is it that the market is starting to grow in terms of a fever pitch?

For example: They’re starting to talk more about funnels.

Or they’re starting to talk more about re-targeting.

Or they’re starting to talk more about A.I., something like that, right?

And so, now I’m pulling these things together.

It’s being a student… it’s paying attention to what’s going on from competitors… from what the market wants.

Then I see if there is a story that I can tell that nobody else is telling.

Getting more sales comes from paying attention to what your prospects want that your competitors aren’t giving them, so you can then fill that hole.

Is there an angle?

For example – The tripwire. Everybody might be talking about how easy it is and how to put one together.

And some people might be talking about how to outsource them.

And maybe the story that nobody is telling is that the use of a tripwire is what’s putting you in a major deficit when media buying.

Or something like that.

And so I just look for that.

Sometimes you think you’ve got a winner and you don’t.

And sometimes you just know you’ve got it, based on just what you see from the market.

So if you found value in what you just learned about becoming a student of the market, then I’ve got a book that you’re absolutely going to love.

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MEPS: How Follow-up Drives Follow Through…

This should be obvious…

But a lot of folks need this spelled out for them:

Following up with prospects who aren’t engaging with your content is key for conversion growth.

A significant portion of our sales comes from prospects who we had to strategically activate at the top of our marketing funnel…

This can take time, but if done wisely, these low-hanging fruits can be harvested for huge gains in revenue.

This strategy is called “non-responder follow-up”, which I’ll break down for you with some hypotheticals…

Bulletproof Marketing Funnels Are Made Of This…

If you can’t prove why I should believe you…

I’m simply not going to believe you.

That goes doubly if you’re trying to sell me something…

When people try to sell me something that they say is fantastic, cutting-edge, revolutionary, blah blah blah…

This only tells me they think their offer is gold (or at least a gold polished turd)…

And as far as I know, nobody and nothing is backing them up.

When people get pitched- remember that they’re always thinking:

Become The “Godfather” Of Your Market

If you want to see higher conversions, then your audience is going to need to see an offer they can’t refuse…

I’ve never been one for selling myself short, but I’m all for upselling, cross-selling, and every-which-way-selling…And you do that with a great offer.

What I want you to understand right off the bat is that your offer is more important than your copy.

The offer is 100 times more important than the words and phrases that you use to inform your prospect about the offer.

Remember the order of importance in direct-response marketing:

Burned Ad Spend, Bored Prospects, And Bland Marketing Promise?

You already know having an irresistible offer will make or break your ability to drive sales through your marketing funnel…

However, an incredible offer is only half the battle.

Because if prospects don’t engage with your marketing content, they’ll NEVER see your offer – doesn’t matter how over the top it is…

You’ll burn ad spend, bore prospects, and of course… make no money.

That’s why lacking a big overarching promise of the payoff prospects are going to get by going through your marketing funnel is a common issue destroying conversions for many novice marketers.

Most novice marketers don’t understand that there’s a difference between the benefits and “the promise” of a marketing funnel.

Benefits are what the features of your product/service actually DO for the prospect…

What they’ll change for the prospect… How they’ll enhance life for the prospect, etc.

But a big promise is really a big “claim” that you’re making for what’s about to happen for your prospects as they go through your marketing funnel.

Think of it as the big outcome, or the big payoff for engaging with your marketing funnel content.

So, when it comes to the engineering of your marketing funnel, you need to start by asking yourself…

“What’s the biggest promise I can make to prospects just for consuming the content inside my funnel?”

What’s the biggest outcome prospects will reap simply by engaging with your marketing content?

The best (and easiest) way to craft this big promise for your marketing funnel is to ask yourself

“What is the most powerful desire my prospects have as it relates to the solution they’re looking for?”

And of course, you’ll have a big overarching promise of what your product/service does for prospects, and how all of the different features of the product deliver that…

BUT your content needs to have it’s own big marketing promise in order to persuade prospects to engage with your marketing!

There’s another great way to look at this:

If you could wave a magic wand, granting your prospects any wish as it relates to the solution that they’re looking for…

What would the ideal outcome be?

You want your big promise to be as close to that fulfillment of their wish as possible.

Does your marketing funnel begin with a big audacious promise for the value prospects will receive simply by engaging with your content?

When you have that big promise, your prospect engagement soars, bringing your conversions along for the ride.


11 Steps For Dominating Your Niche This Year

Part 2

Hey it’s Todd,

In Part 1 of this post, I gave you seven points to dominate your niche and knock over your biggest competitors by delivering superior marketing…

Today, I’m giving you the remaining five points from my 11-Point Competitor Analysis…

Remember, these are the SAME points I’ve used to help me craft dozens of multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.

Without further adieu, here they are for you:

7. Your Competitors’ Benefit Statements

Claims are statements associated with facts about the product or service…

Whereas benefits statements are more focused on what those claims mean for prospects. 

Meaning that they’ll be able to sleep later…

They’ll wake up with less back pain…

They’ll have a better relationship with their spouse or their partner.

Benefit statements are about what the product does for the prospect, not about the product features itself.

8. Their Deliverables

What comes with their main offer?

If it’s an info-product for example, are they giving videos?

Are they giving audios, PDFs, cheat sheets, worksheets, software, etc?

9. Their Price and Terms

Their price point and terms are incredibly important for you to note. Is the price point higher or lower than yours?

What are the specific terms?

Is there a payment plan?

A monthly fee?

Is it a lifetime subscription?

10. Their Premiums (AKA Bonuses)

Are they offering digital or physical premiums?

Do the premiums address an additional problem the prospect might have?

Do the premiums appear to provide any real value to prospects?

So many average marketers slap together bonuses because it’s what they think they’re “supposed to do”…

They key is offering premiums your prospects would actually pay money for. Often times prospects will buy your offer just to get their hands on one of your premiums.

Master this and your conversions can double, or even triple.

11. Their Risk Reversal

Does your competitor offer any guarantee? Is it a 30-day guarantee?

Is it a 100% money back guarantee?

Bottom line: is the guarantee compelling, and does it incentivize the prospect to buy?

Identifying these 11 points is a prerequisite for engineering a profitable marketing funnel!

If you want to knock it out of the park, don’t write a single line of copy until you’ve done this analysis.

Yes, this process takes time… and most average marketers simply aren’t willing to invest the effort.

And therein lies your advantage!

Invest time in doing this and you’ll see high conversions, more revenue, and ultimately… a chance at finally dominating your niche this year.


11 Steps For Dominating Your Niche This Year

Part 1

The easiest way for you to claim the title of “800 pound gorilla” in your niche is to obliterate your competitors

The best way to do that is to understand exactly how your competitors are communicating with prospects… so you can deliver superior marketing.

That’s why today I want to give you the first part of my 11-Point Competitor Analysis.

You’ll identify two things with this analysis:

Offering “Bonuses” Hurting Your Conversions?

Here’s something I see many average marketers doing these days…

And it’s seriously hurting their conversions…

Premiums (more commonly referred to in the internet marketing community as “bonuses”) have the power to drive conversions.

Premiums have the power to increase sales… Big time.

But only when they’re done correctly!