Why Your Conversion Rate Doesn’t Matter

This Matters MORE Than Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate doesn't matter as much as you think.
What could matter more than Conversion Rate?

“So what’s your sales conversion rate?”

If you’ve been around the marketing game for any significant length of time, no doubt you’ve either heard somebody ask that question, you’ve been asked that question or you’ve seen somebody talk about their sales conversion rate, right?

Sales conversion rate is what percentage of visitors to your marketing campaign actually purchase the product.

If you had 100 visitors and one person bought, that’s a 1% sales conversion rate and from the beginning of time, marketing time, everybody has been taught to focus on improving sales conversion rate but here’s the reality.

This Is Why Your Product Or Service Isn’t Making Any Sales

To Make More Sales, It’s Not Just What You Know

When you’re designing your marketing message, you really have to know who you’re talking to.

You have to know your audience.

In terms of direct response priorities, we’ve learned that list, offer, copy, right?

To make more sales, know your audience.
“Know Thy Audience.” The key to making more sales.

List is the audience.

The audience who you’re talking to can…

No One Cares About Your “5 Steps To _____”

The Big Mistake Entrepreneurs Make Marketing Their Products

So let’s say you sell an information product right now, some type of training program…

And maybe you have, as part of your training program, you’ve got five steps to X, seven steps to X, maybe it’s the seven steps to Facebook advertising.

Well, what you want to do, is you want to take those seven steps and you want to –

How Do You Get Your Prospects’ Attention In A Crowded Market?

To Attract More Prospects, Learn To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

There’s a bunch of different ways or really a couple of different ways that you can differentiate in marketing.

Number one, right off the bat, you could show up differently, that’s how I like to describe it.

To attract the right prospects to your business, be different from your competitors.
Be different and stand out to your perfect prospects. Seriously.

Showing up differently means that the way your competitors look and feel, the way they’re marketing, the way they’re advertising, the way their sales page is, the way their marketing page is, the way their branding is being done, the way that looks –

Get More Customers Faster – Adopt This Mindset

Maximum Customer Acquisition Requires A Change In Thinking

When it comes to customer acquisition, one of the healthiest things that you can do, one of the best things that you can do to help your business grow is instead of thinking like an entrepreneur or a business owner, to think like an investor.

What do I mean by that?