These 2 Words Can Double Your Sales Conversions

Soft Offer

Most entrepreneurs aren’t bold enough to use these two words.

The ones who do will see an immediate lift in sales from their marketing campaigns.

Double, triple, even quadruple the number of sales you’re getting right now. No joke.

And, without changing anything else in your marketing campaign.

These two words work so well at increasing sales, legendary copywriters like Gene Schwartz and Gary Halbert relied on them with most of their marketing campaigns.

Even today, brilliant marketers like Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Perry Belcher, and others use, these two words with a variety of their campaigns.

The question is… are YOU bold enough?

We shall see. 🙂

Ready for the two words?

Okay, here they are…

Smart Marketers Do This Now When Promising Anything

Prospects Have Evolved. Your Marketing Needs To As Well...

Promises In Marketing

It’s no longer enough to just promise your prospects a slew of benefits in your marketing.

Prospects have evolved…

And your marketing needs to evolve as well.

Today, because prospects are pounded with advertising and marketing messages, they want to know more than just WHAT your product or service can do for them.

Persuasion Secrets Behind Our High Converting Email Sequences

Part 2

In Part 1 of this post series, I shared how we structure our follow-up email sequences… today we get to the good stuff with the intensification sequence.

Remember, the intensification sequence simply intensifies the offer and intensifies the desire for the offer.

In this intensification sequence, we usually use the 5P framework.

Persuasion Secrets Behind Our High Converting Email Sequences

Part 1

Today I want to show you how we get prospects to buy using high converting email sequences.

I will outline the exact process for you… the types of emails we send, and the purpose behind each email.

First, in Part 1 of this series, I want to give you a little insight into how we structure the typical offer follow-up sequence.

You’ll see what our emails are typically focusing on in the offer follow-up.

Then, in Part 2 of this series, we’ll break down the simple 5P Framework that we use during the intensification sequence.

Later on, I’m going to show you some examples of the winning emails that really drive sales, revenue, and profits.

How To Grow Sales By Increasing Refunds

Grow Sales By Increasing Refunds

That’s not a typo.

If you want to grow your sales, increase your refund rate.

Now, before you dismiss me as off my rocker, let me ask you a question.

Then I’ll show you how to do this.

Would you be willing to double your sales if it meant increasing your refund rate by 50%?

Before you answer, let’s see what would happen if you did… 

The Next Marketing Breakthrough?

The Next Marketing Breakthrough

I wish I did, but…

don’t know what the next big marketing breakthrough will be. Not yet.

But I do know where it’ll be found.

And it’s not in a new strategy or tactic.

The big marketing breakthroughs always come from something else.

To make sure you’re not late to the party on the next one, here’s what you should be looking for…

Marketing Funnel Engineering Grid

The Marketing Funnel Engineering Grid is used within the E5 CAMP Method. Use it to, first, determine the Prospect Level of Awareness of who you’re targeting. Then, second, identify the appropriate Lead Type to open your marketing campaign. And, third, make sure you understand how it will effect your campaign length and model.

Todd Brown on The Low-Price vs. High-Price Debate

How and when to use each in your marketing campaign

Low Price Or High Price In Marketing

Damian’s Note: Today, Todd shares his advice on how and when to use a low-price vs. high-price offer in your marketing campaign.

As always, Todd’s approach goes beyond the basic ideas about pricing. I think this will bring you some needed clarity and insight on what’s best for your marketing.

Damian: Todd, one of the most common questions we get from folks inside of Acquire & Monetize™ has to do with pricing. Usually, it’s whether they should start with a lower price or higher price offer in their marketing.

There seems to be a pretty feisty on-going debate about this. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Todd: Yeah, this discussion has been raging since I can remember. The issue lies in the fact that there is no one universally correct answer. Which approach someone should take depends on a few things.

First, it’s important to recognize: