Stop Sounding Hype-y And Do This Instead

Stop Marketing Like Everyone Else

“The marketing itself doesn’t need to be that great, when you’ve got a great idea.”

Todd Brown

You know, the really interesting thing, man, is that we’ve all seen marketing, that is hype-y, hyperbolic, loaded with adjectives, and adverbs, and just feels obnoxious and in your face.

And often times, that comes from having…

How Do You Get Your Prospects’ Attention In A Crowded Market?

To Attract More Prospects, Learn To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

There’s a bunch of different ways or really a couple of different ways that you can differentiate in marketing.

Number one, right off the bat, you could show up differently, that’s how I like to describe it.

To attract the right prospects to your business, be different from your competitors.
Be different and stand out to your perfect prospects. Seriously.

Showing up differently means that the way your competitors look and feel, the way they’re marketing, the way they’re advertising, the way their sales page is, the way their marketing page is, the way their branding is being done, the way that looks –

Does Your Marketing Have A “Big Idea?”

A Big Marketing Idea Is An Idea That Is Both Intellectually Interesting As Well As Emotionally Compelling

What that means is that it resonates on an emotional level, it stirs emotions within your prospects, but it’s also an idea that is intriguing from an intellectual level, an intellectual basis, and so it appeals to both the head and the heart.

Big Marketing Ideas are emotionally compelling
Big Marketing Ideas are emotionally compelling.

It’s not just a logical intellectual idea, and it’s also not just some promise of benefits on purely emotional, it it is appealing to both the head and the heart.

And therefore…

11 Steps For Dominating Your Niche This Year

Part 2

Hey it’s Todd,

In Part 1 of this post, I gave you seven points to dominate your niche and knock over your biggest competitors by delivering superior marketing…

Today, I’m giving you the remaining five points from my 11-Point Competitor Analysis…

Remember, these are the SAME points I’ve used to help me craft dozens of multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.

Without further adieu, here they are for you:

7. Your Competitors’ Benefit Statements

Claims are statements associated with facts about the product or service…

Whereas benefits statements are more focused on what those claims mean for prospects. 

Meaning that they’ll be able to sleep later…

They’ll wake up with less back pain…

They’ll have a better relationship with their spouse or their partner.

Benefit statements are about what the product does for the prospect, not about the product features itself.

8. Their Deliverables

What comes with their main offer?

If it’s an info-product for example, are they giving videos?

Are they giving audios, PDFs, cheat sheets, worksheets, software, etc?

9. Their Price and Terms

Their price point and terms are incredibly important for you to note. Is the price point higher or lower than yours?

What are the specific terms?

Is there a payment plan?

A monthly fee?

Is it a lifetime subscription?

10. Their Premiums (AKA Bonuses)

Are they offering digital or physical premiums?

Do the premiums address an additional problem the prospect might have?

Do the premiums appear to provide any real value to prospects?

So many average marketers slap together bonuses because it’s what they think they’re “supposed to do”…

They key is offering premiums your prospects would actually pay money for. Often times prospects will buy your offer just to get their hands on one of your premiums.

Master this and your conversions can double, or even triple.

11. Their Risk Reversal

Does your competitor offer any guarantee? Is it a 30-day guarantee?

Is it a 100% money back guarantee?

Bottom line: is the guarantee compelling, and does it incentivize the prospect to buy?

Identifying these 11 points is a prerequisite for engineering a profitable marketing funnel!

If you want to knock it out of the park, don’t write a single line of copy until you’ve done this analysis.

Yes, this process takes time… and most average marketers simply aren’t willing to invest the effort.

And therein lies your advantage!

Invest time in doing this and you’ll see high conversions, more revenue, and ultimately… a chance at finally dominating your niche this year.


11 Steps For Dominating Your Niche This Year

Part 1

The easiest way for you to claim the title of “800 pound gorilla” in your niche is to obliterate your competitors

The best way to do that is to understand exactly how your competitors are communicating with prospects… so you can deliver superior marketing.

That’s why today I want to give you the first part of my 11-Point Competitor Analysis.

You’ll identify two things with this analysis:

A Different Way to Use Scarcity in Your Marketing

Today we’re getting knee deep with direct response marketing (as usual).

We’re going to be talking about the deep strategies, the deep tactics, we’re going to talk about the stuff that others just don’t touch on.

Plus, I’m going to be brutally honest with you about everything in this post.

Today’s post could be worth it’s digital weight in gold for you.

Do You Misuse This Potent Marketing Strategy?

Because today, I want to talk about what I feel is a misunderstanding, a misapplication of one of the most powerful marketing strategies that we have at our disposal.