Are You Treating Your Business Like A Pet Or A Child?

I had a “solopreneur” mindset for a long time…

I thought being a solopreneur was what was going to give me the result I was looking for.

I thought it was the answer to the “lifestyle business”.

I thought to myself:

“I don’t want a team.”

“I don’t want to have to manage people.”

“I don’t want a BIG monthly overhead.”

“I want a streamlined, lean, mean business where it’s me and one or two other people and everything is going to be great!”

Well, the reality is that for most entrepreneurs… 

Customer Acquisition

The Difference Between The Way Pro Marketers & Amateur Marketers Do It!

Customer Acquisition

When it comes to acquiring new customers, pro marketers think and operate very differently from amateur marketers. 

Here's how and why pro marketers are able to generate over 184% more profit... even while investing DOUBLE what amateurs do to acquire new customers. 

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The 3 Levels of Customer Acquisition Aggression

The number one topic shared here on the blog and discussed with clients at Marketing Funnel Automation is customer acquisition.

New customers are the lifeblood of your business. The online marketing game is all about acquiring those customers then getting them to spend more with you over the time of their patronage.

Simple, right?

However, there are three very different ways you can approach customer acquisition depending on where you are in your business and how serious you are about growing your revenues and profits.