Bulletproof Marketing Funnels Are Made Of This…

If you can’t prove why I should believe you…

I’m simply not going to believe you.

That goes doubly if you’re trying to sell me something…

When people try to sell me something that they say is fantastic, cutting-edge, revolutionary, blah blah blah…

This only tells me they think their offer is gold (or at least a gold polished turd)…

And as far as I know, nobody and nothing is backing them up.

When people get pitched- remember that they’re always thinking:

“Why should I trust you?”

If you’re trying to sell me pudding, there had better be some proof in it.

See, proof transforms advertising into believable facts and an accepted premise…

You have to prove what you’re saying is true. Prove your statements of benefit, prove your claims, and prove your promises.

Let’s use the analogy of a prosecutor again…

When a prosecutor is making their case they simply make certain statements, or claims, and then back up those claims with proof…

A preponderance of proof if they want to WIN their case, right?

They’re not just making claims or making promises willy nilly…

Because when you make a promise and you don’t prove it, jurors (or prospects) say to themselves:

“Yeah, right. Why should I believe you?”

When that exists for even one claim, one promise, or one statement of benefit you’ve just allowed DOUBT to creep into the mind of your prospect.

And when doubt creeps in… conversions plummet. 

You need a preponderance (a whole bunch) of proof throughout your marketing funnel.

That’s why one of the things that I hammer on with my coaching clients is that every single statement of benefit, every single promise and every single claim must be tied to one or more proof points.

Now, there are 11+ different types of proof elements that you can use, but that’s irrelevant right now…

For now, I want you to understand is that not having at least one proof point for every promise that you make, every result you claim, every promise of alleviation of the problem simply leaves doubt in the mind of the prospect…

And doubt kills your conversions.

You want to have a bulk of proof points and you want to have a variety of proof points.

You can never have too many proof points, you can only not have enough.

Variety, on the other hand, means that you’re not simply relying on one or two type of proof points throughout the marketing funnel.

Don’t exclusively rely on testimonials or endorsements…

You leverage the 11+ proof points all throughout your marketing funnel…

For the highest converting marketing funnels you’re leveraging more than one type of proof point for each claim.

If you’re simply hoping that prospects accept your claims at face value, here’s a newsflash:

They don’t.

Now, go into the engineering of your marketing funnel with that wisdom and operate as if prospects are going to doubt everything that you say.

Remember: you need a preponderance of varied proof points to build your case…

It needs to be bulletproof!

Just like a prosecutor who’s led the jury through a persuasive argument proving the guilt of the defendant…

You’ll lead the prospect to the natural conclusion that your product or service is the perfect solution for their problem.

Wrap up the case… and enjoy your victory.


2019 Marketing Requirement… A Law Degree?

In 2019 all marketers should have the same mindset as lawyers.

Here’s why:

At the foundation of your marketing funnel you must present a solid chain of logic.

Please, don’t misunderstand me…

I’m not talking about having a marketing message based on logic…

Because as you already know, people are emotional creatures, so your marketing funnel needs to stir up emotion.

However, when it comes to proving your marketing case (your marketing argument) you need to present a solid chain of logic.

You need to understand that there are specific beliefs your prospects MUST come to accept in order to BUY at the end of your funnel.

One of the best ways to begin constructing your marketing message with Education Based Marketing (EBM) content is to ask yourself…

“What beliefs MUST my prospect hold to be able to buy?”

Because not establishing all the beliefs that prospects need to have will leave a gap in your marketing case…

And I guarantee you… that gap will hurt your conversions.

The best way to uncover ALL of your prospects’ beliefs and to present a proven marketing case… is to think of yourself like a prosecutor!

Let’s say you are a prosecutor presenting a case with the goal of finding a defendant guilty of murder.

The end result of your presentation to the court is to persuade the jury to believe that the defendant is guilty.

Now, in order for the jury to arrive at that belief there are other prerequisite beliefs that they must have.

There is a series, a sequence, or a logical chain of beliefs that they need to have in order to reach the conclusion that the defendant is guilty.

Does the jury need to believe that there was motive?

Do they need to believe the person obviously committed a heinous act?

Do they need to believe that the crime was premeditated?

As the prosecutor… point by point, element by element, belief by belief, you present your case, establishing one belief on top of the next…

You only rest your case when you know that you’ve established ALL the beliefs necessary for the jury to believe the defendant is guilty.

The marketing world is no different…

Ultimately, you’re leading your prospect to believe that your product or service is the ideal solution to their problem.

And those beliefs typically fall under – what they need to believe about you, what they need to believe about themselves and what they need to believe about your product or service.

In your marketing funnel, you’re simply making statements of claim by presenting certain promises and backing up those claims with proof

Just like a prosecutor in a courtroom.

Having a marketing funnel that doesn’t establish all of the necessary beliefs, holes, and gaps leaves doubt in the mind of the prospect.

That leaves questions in the mind of the prospect because it’s incomplete and unproven

And doubtful, skeptical prospects never buy.

Make sure you’ve established all of the necessary beliefs your prospects must have in order to buy, then sit back to watch your conversion rates rise.


WARNING: Hypnotic Copywriting Technique

Today I want to share a tactic that can take your copywriting game to the next level, bringing your conversions along for the ride…

They’re called Dimensionalized Benefit Statements

With this simple writing technique, you’re captivating the attention of prospects, grabbing them by the collar and pulling them into your marketing funnel as if hypnotized

3 Boxes You Must Check BEFORE Prospects Will Buy…

Here’s a powerful law of persuasion for you…

People like and trust people that are most like themselves.

We naturally migrate towards people that are similar to us.

In your marketing funnel you can engineer powerful rapport with prospects thereby driving higher conversions and building rock solid, long term relationships with your buyers.

Burned Ad Spend, Bored Prospects, And Bland Marketing Promise?

You already know having an irresistible offer will make or break your ability to drive sales through your marketing funnel…

However, an incredible offer is only half the battle.

Because if prospects don’t engage with your marketing content, they’ll NEVER see your offer – doesn’t matter how over the top it is…

You’ll burn ad spend, bore prospects, and of course… make no money.

That’s why lacking a big overarching promise of the payoff prospects are going to get by going through your marketing funnel is a common issue destroying conversions for many novice marketers.

Most novice marketers don’t understand that there’s a difference between the benefits and “the promise” of a marketing funnel.

Benefits are what the features of your product/service actually DO for the prospect…

What they’ll change for the prospect… How they’ll enhance life for the prospect, etc.

But a big promise is really a big “claim” that you’re making for what’s about to happen for your prospects as they go through your marketing funnel.

Think of it as the big outcome, or the big payoff for engaging with your marketing funnel content.

So, when it comes to the engineering of your marketing funnel, you need to start by asking yourself…

“What’s the biggest promise I can make to prospects just for consuming the content inside my funnel?”

What’s the biggest outcome prospects will reap simply by engaging with your marketing content?

The best (and easiest) way to craft this big promise for your marketing funnel is to ask yourself

“What is the most powerful desire my prospects have as it relates to the solution they’re looking for?”

And of course, you’ll have a big overarching promise of what your product/service does for prospects, and how all of the different features of the product deliver that…

BUT your content needs to have it’s own big marketing promise in order to persuade prospects to engage with your marketing!

There’s another great way to look at this:

If you could wave a magic wand, granting your prospects any wish as it relates to the solution that they’re looking for…

What would the ideal outcome be?

You want your big promise to be as close to that fulfillment of their wish as possible.

Does your marketing funnel begin with a big audacious promise for the value prospects will receive simply by engaging with your content?

When you have that big promise, your prospect engagement soars, bringing your conversions along for the ride.


Prospects Buy When You Handle Their Baggage…

Today, I want to show something that could torpedo your conversions if you’re not careful…

All marketing funnel messaging must begin with an understanding of the prospect’s relevant beliefs, opinions, attitudes, prejudices, and pre-conceptions as it relates to their problem…

Before crafting a single piece of copy, a VSL script, or an email…

The 350 Words That Reel In Your Buyers

The first 350 to 800 words of your marketing message have a tremendous impact on your sales and your conversion rate…

…and it can make or break whether prospects ever even see your offer let alone, buy it.

Get those first words right… and you’ll make more sales and more money without having to change any other element of your entire marketing campaign.

I.P.P Murdering Your Conversions?

Is imprecise prospect perspective (IPP) murdering your conversions?

IPP happens when a marketing funnel is built without taking into consideration the current feelings, perspective, attitude, and beliefs that prospects have toward their current circumstance, or problem.

When any element of your promotion (your tone, your language, your verbiage, your copy, your promise, or your story) contradicts your prospect’s feelings when they enter your funnel, that’s imprecise prospect perspective…