11 Steps For Dominating Your Niche This Year

Part 1

The easiest way for you to claim the title of “800 pound gorilla” in your niche is to obliterate your competitors

The best way to do that is to understand exactly how your competitors are communicating with prospects… so you can deliver superior marketing.

That’s why today I want to give you the first part of my 11-Point Competitor Analysis.

You’ll identify two things with this analysis:

Offering “Bonuses” Hurting Your Conversions?

Here’s something I see many average marketers doing these days…

And it’s seriously hurting their conversions…

Premiums (more commonly referred to in the internet marketing community as “bonuses”) have the power to drive conversions.

Premiums have the power to increase sales… Big time.

But only when they’re done correctly!

Easiest Way To Double (Or Triple) Your Conversions

Imagine I’ve asked you to sell two cars for me…

One is a brand new 2018 gun-metal Jaguar F-Type coupe…

It’s gorgeous, fully loaded, and outfitted with every bell and whistle.

Value: $90,000.

The other car is a discolored 1973 Volkswagen Thing…

163,000 miles with original parts and no air conditioning.

Oh, and it has a blown gasket.

Value: $7,500.

My instructions to you…

Sell each car for $30,000.

Google Helping Your Competitors Steal Your Customers?

Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post, I told you how Google helps your competitors steal your new customers from you if you trigger The Google Marketing Slap.

The only way to prevent a Google Marketing Slap is with a Unique Mechanism™.

A Unique Mechanism is nothing more than the unique piece, part, component, aspect, process, or system behind your product or service which makes your product work.

Dave Chappelle’s Joke Secret = Smart Marketing

Dave Chappelle's Joke Secret = Smart Marketing

With a net worth of over $42 million, Dave Chappelle is one of the wealthiest comedians on the planet.

On Forbes’ top ten list of wealthiest comedians, he falls just behind Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld.

During a recent Netflix special Chappelle shared a rare glimpse into his approach to comedy and standup.